Final Monologue: A Villain's Journey (Thread Moved to Adult, Link on Post 450)

Omg I love it already, I really liked CCH so this is no surprise and I’m excited to see how this goes!


YES!!! I love games where you play as the villain.

We will watch this WIP with great interest.


@Oooo that was my personal favorite line of the entire demo.

@rowsdowermobile I knew I could count on fine folks like you to push the boundaries!


This WIP offers great promise, engaging and entertaining, would certainly be good once finished.


Oh my god! This is awesome!

And I thank you for the robots and some of the other powers… My character has an ice ray and robots… nothing like Gru I assure you.:sweat_smile:

I’m excited for this, and between this and Talon City, you, Mon Ami, are shining!

Btw in this playtrhough I went with an alien with regeneration and rage

And this happened, ‘m guessing it wasnt supposed to show up


Seems pretty interesting

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I like the ‘intimate’ option. Good feel of a game so far. Even if it’s a bit too much numbers on stats screen which is a bit scary.
As usual I request 6-9 save slots when they’re added to really explore a game. Can’t wait for updates.


It was a short but interesting intro.
What can the villain I created in the intro do? I’m curious.
What I’m particularly interested in is how many of these factors
actually apply to actual gameplay.


@manuges2044 That’s definitely a bug! Let me hunt it down. It will be fixed by the Friday’s update. And thank you for the kind words! I bought my laptop in July 2021 and it has been a blessing escaping the confines of my basement. Since then I’ve: finished and submitted CCH 2.5, added about 100k words of Talon City and almost have it over the finish line, and have Monologue geared up for quick progress.

@Gapaot I’ll introduce save slots for sure; I know they are a big quality of life thing, but not quite yet. There is still a chance I will tweak elements of the game engine/variables and/or write backward to sprinkle more elements into the beginning. Once all elements are established and locked in, I’ll add those slots.


I noticed there is something wrong with the code.

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@manuges2044 bug is fixed.
@Nexus_Knight bug is fixed.

Both fixes will show up on the new update on Friday.


Finally another Villain game. Give praise to the CYOA gods.


Well, I figured I’d take a shot asking this.

Are there any math wizards out there?

Here’s my obstacle. I have 38 Attributes/Powers/Skills that will be tested in various Testing Choices. All of them need to be tested with the same frequency, and they need to be rotated in different combinations.

I have the first 4 choices and all options mapped out, but it was a process, let me tell you. To further complicate things, I wanted to make sure that Powers were not tested in the same choice as the linked Attribute, meaning if Durability was tested, I didn’t want the powers Regeneration or Force Fields to be tested in that same choice, because that would essentially be duplicative.

Does anyone have any resource ideas that would basically generate a template with different patterns, given the above parameters?

In Talon City, it was pretty easy rotating 5 Attributes. But rotating 38 is quite…testing.


Game lets me boop my nemesis on the nose!!! Also plot armour!! This is going to be great!!!


then that only means I’ll just have to make a new title for you!


Small Update:

I added 3,700 words. The game is up to almost 14,000 words.

New Content: Meeting a potential ally and selecting a ‘starter lair.’

Next Friday’s update will be more robust. I spent a lot of time this week implementing beta testing feedback on another game of mine.

Coming next Friday: Your second outing, (maybe) your third outing, and some elaboration on the source of your powers. I’ll likely incorporate the Dashingdon save system. Gotta make sure I’m happy with the mechanics.


I’m curious about which potential ally players will choose to team with?

  • Putty
  • Fox
  • Demon

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The Aristocrat demands a save function! Or suffer my wrath MUHAHAHAHA


@TechNote in college, I was “The Voice of Reason.” So yeah, I’m pretty sure yours will be more exciting than that one.

@ZipZoop The Aristocrat will be appeased soon enough! I need to ‘write backwards’ a bit, giving the player a chance to pick the source of their powers (like for aliens, is it a special device or just enhanced physiology? and for humans, I need to let them pick a ‘regular’ weapon) and then we should be off to the races! :racehorse: (It’s Ky. Derby time around here)

And poor Putty Meister! What, you have to blow shit up or possess people to entice a fellow baddie to team up?


If I could give a little bit of my mind about writing villian story it is you have to have fun playing as a villain, not a struggle; struggling is for the good guy. Diabolical is a good example, and Villain Academy is a bad one.