Final Monologue: A Villain's Journey (Thread Moved to Adult, Link on Post 450)


The premise is pretty straightforward. The story starts with your longstanding arch enemy bound and helpless at your feet. You finally have them RIGHT where you want them! And what will you do now? Monologue!

You tell the entire story of your nefarious career. Monologue will be different from my previous games like Community College Hero, Zip!, and Talon City, in that “Monologue” will cover decades instead of days (Zip/Talon City) or a couple of years (CCH). The original version of “Monologue” included too much 'telling." The revised version will be more about “showing.” Even though the events happened long in the past, I want you to feel like your character is experiencing them, not being told about them.

The new version has enhanced mechanics: (Health/Battery), enhanced goals: (Chaos/Justice/Order), enhanced tools: (Funds/Legend Points/Knowledge), and hopefully much more colorful characters (you may not recognize the new versions of Gold Fox (now Volpe), Putty Queen, etc.) Basically I am leaning into the focus on characters that I feel folks like about CCH. More characters! More interactions with villains and heroes! More romance!

I’m familiar with classic comic book tropes and I think I can do this type of game justice. Some of my Patreon supporters are brainstorming with me with ideas for future vignettes. There are SO many potential scenes I could include! The goal is to finish the draft at least by Christmas, so I need to keep cranking out regular updates.

Last Update: 8/14/22: Up to 30k words.

Characters: Putty Queen

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I just did a quick skim, but I love this game already. Somehow just this little bit you have managed to be both hilarious and chilling. (The “intimacy” stat … shudders.)

Question: does this take place in the same continuity as CCH and Zip? Or is it a separate universe that just also happens to have people with superpowers?


Another villain WIP? Count me in :smirk:

EDIT: I had a question, how dark will this game be? How far are you willing to loosen the reigns of the readers? Are you planning on adding any saves in the future? I also noticed that there is an “Intimacy” stat, will the story have any romance? Would we be able to (try) romance our Rival if there is? Do they have a fixed gender or will it be selectable for them?


Interesting start. Seems it will have a lot of varying scenes depending on our power sets. Wish there was a little more story to read after the power selection


The longer the wait, the more joy we shall feel, my friend


I noticed it starts in our lair, but our lair is not really described. Are we going to get to decide that part later?


Oh I like this. I really do. The choices so far have been very interesting and I look forward to seeing how this plays out.


Our Great Lord Eric Moser blessing us with another banger of a WIP


Really reminds me of how Lucid does his games. Very interesting.


i will wait quietly in the corner for the next update. im liking this already. :smiling_imp:

@Eric_Moser i have a question, will there be RO interests?


Hohoho, we get to be a crazy yet hilarious villain? Sign me up!


Interesting! I have to admit I am never a fan of games that insult you you for playing on an easier difficulty setting though, so maybe consider phrasing that a bit differently?


Nice. I like what there is so far. I like the potentional of being able to play a total sociopath or a sort of anti-hero, if I’m using it correctly.

I appreciate the ability to choose easy difficulty, I don’t like suffering the consequences of my choices lmao.


There are some errors with +/- stats. Seems like most Anarchy bonuses are accidentally decreasing Anarchy.


@AletheiaKnights Almost certainly a separate universe. I think even a small Easter egg could be distracting and could set expectations I don’t want to set. Plus, a ‘blank slate’ universe that the player and I sorta fill in together gives us the most freedom and flexibility imo.

@Sneeky I’m not sure yet. There are obviously always limits with HG and with the platforms, in addition to my own. But I can see the Violence relationship perhaps coming into play with this.

@Big_fan1231 There will be more to come. I’m adding a “Coming Next” section to Post 1 here in a minute.

@geldar Yep the lair thing is something that will be introduced soon. And thanks for pointing out the Motivation calculation errors. I’ll look those over. An easy fix.

@TechNote normally only my wife and kiddos address me with that title, but I will allow it.

@TheGhost Lucid is a good friend of mine and yes there are definitely some influences, probably some from Adrao, too. I’ve always wanted to do a longer, more epic scope that encouraged more head cannoning, so here it is! And this engine is my baby, an extension of Talon City’s engine.

@Bulk_Biceps Yep, that will be introduced soon.

@derekmetaltron In all fairness, the insult is right there front and center before you even pick it. It’s not like you pick and it WHAM you get insulted out of the blue. And it’s meant be ‘almost’ in-character.

@Sweet_Potato who does?? lol

*General Note: I think my plan, at least for now, is to update the game on Fridays. And I’ll introduce a Save function soon. It’s still really early and I could always end up tweaking the mechanics/variables a bit still.


Oh man, i really have thing to villains and i am in hype to fallen hero and now i am in this game too.


Itsss veryyy nice!~


OMG! I love this already, specially when you get to be teasing to our arch nemesis! <3


You tap that courageous nose and whisper, “Boop.”



I am adoring this so far, almost as much as my villain adores their captive hero. You have gaven me too much power with that “Intimate” stat, I’m gonna make this a seriously unhealthy relationship.