Fight Club (18+ Adults Only)

Fight Club (18+ Adults Only)

Hi everyone. A few months have passed since my last post here.

Just wanted to let you all know that you can check the progress of this game at the blog - The game keeps growing and i feel there should be at least 40min of play content.

Current version is 0.075

Your comments and suggestions are very important but please leave them at the blog. Not here. Please.

Link to the game is -

Thank you very much.


didn’t this thread get deleted 4 times already??

Not deleted – just closed. As magma said, comment on his game should go on at his blog, not here.

Edit: because it’s an 18+ game and many regular users of this forum are under 18.

What’s wrong with here? I’m a tad bit confused as to why you’re making everyone look at your blog.


@Reaperoa, @Havenstone, @JimD, @CJW, and @FairyGodfeather I think you should close this.

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