Feral Hearts (Alpha WiP) (Free Romance Game)

Hello again, peeps! I have a new, short romance I’m working on called Feral Hearts! This is its Alpha version. Here’s the blurb:

While fleeing your home after bandits invade it and begin setting fire to ever home, some choose to pursue you. However, in the end, the hunters become the hunted… and a nearby Clan of werewolves comes to your aid. They kill the bandits, rescue you from your sure death in the cold, and nurse you back to health… then even offer you a place amongst them.

During your half of a year in Clan Black Claw, you’ve gathered friends after you began working through your trauma, including the Alpha and Beta of the pack, who also happen to be your rescuers. There has been peace in the camp and really, you’ve felt welcome. But now that a gathering of other Clans to your new home approaches… well, you feel knots in your stomach.

The Mates’ Moon approaches, bringing with it the chance for a werewolf to find his or her intended mate: their forever partner and the one they are cosmically meant to be with. At first, you hadn’t been sure of what your place would be at such an event, until you are told you could very well end up mated to one of the werewolves at the Moon, as it is seemingly incoincidental that you would have come to the Clan as you did…

-blurb end-

Hehe, here’s what will be included:

  • Several identifying options to who you are, including pronouns and your body type.
  • Metric and Imperial measurements.
  • Two romance options to start, plus an eventual poly romance between them. The base two ROs are completely gender flippable and can be, non-binary, women, or men.
  • Short game that is entirely romance-focused!.. With some lore building involved too because I can’t help myself.
  • Kind of otome-esque romance. This game is mainly just an escape into romance, not really much else!
  • There will be NSFW content in this game.
  • There will be more content released after the “base” game is completed (7-10 chapters) but I will explain how when we get there!
  • Finally, werewolf romance.

If this sounds interesting enough to you, please check out Feral Hearts’ prologue and first chapter here!

Thank you so much for your time!!!

*Quick edit: As this states, this is the ALPHA of the game! I wanted Chapter 1 to have a lot of variation to draw people in, but upcoming chapters will be more linear until the Alpha (aka Draft #1) is finished! However, when we enter Beta version, I will steadily add in more and more variation and choices! If you have suggestions, please let me know as they will be added to the Beta add-ons and fixes!

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I went through it just once, and I am completely in love with this!! MC is so sweet and nice! I really really enjoy this approach, and I love the human MC amongst sexy, strong werewolves :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. I also really like the scars that MC has after the incident on the prologue.

And you saying there is going to be a poly relationship makes me really happy, because is only chapter 1 and I am already struggling between F and A!

Now, off I go to try different paths on this super interesting WIP :eyes:


Thank you so so much!!! Im so glad you’re enjoying what the game contains so far!!!


Hehe, I am not going to lie, I follow your other WIP, Obsession, so when I saw this game was by you I got even more excited than usual :sweat_smile:


I can’t play the demo just yet, but I’m hyped AF to go through it!


In the words of McDonald’s, I’m loving it!

Seriously, I am a big fan of Mind Games, and now you hit me with a werewolf dating simulator!? I’m down with this​:grin::grin:


@Cyphr I hope you enjoy it when you are able to! ^^

@Aronjo Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed both of them ^^


I love it! :heart_eyes: Love the intro and the characters and I can’t wait to see more of them. :hugs:

Edit : bring me the hunks! :heart_eyes_cat:


I’m very excited for this! And I already love the characters and waiting to see more of them and your writing :heart: Keep up the good work!


@OddCatGuy Thank you so much!!! Chapter two will definitely let you have more time with the hunks :eyes:

@ceresvaldez Thank you, I will do so!!! I hope you also enjoy the later chapters :eyes:


This was truly wonderful! I can’t wait to see the rest, because so far it seems delicious to say the least! :heart:


Man F and A both really cute in their own ways, i can’t bring myself to pick one of them! Will be looking forward to the poly route <3


After Werewolves: Haven Rising and Moonrise I am ready for my next tale of wolfy love!

As to the beginning I just read. I enjoyed the start. Looking forward to more.


Really liking things so far, can’t wait for the next part. F I already like the most and seems like the one I will go for.


@Cyphr Ahhh, thank you sm!!! I’m really happy you think so!! :revolving_hearts:

@CynicalCream Hehe, I think @six is also having trouble picking and is more than ready for the poly route so he doesn’t have to :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Vyndral Awesome!!! I hope that once the base game is completed you find this wolfy tale of love to be another great one!!!

@No_This_Is_Patrick F is an excellent choice :eyes: A big soft wolf to love… a dream, really, hehe


You: poly relationship with 2 werewolves.


I just played the demo, I am really enjoying it so far.


Wow, haven’t started the game proper yet but love the character creation in the beginning! One slight comment on the inclusitivity front,

But you might want to change this to something along the lines of “do your bits penetrate, get penetrated, or would you rather not specify”, just to avoid using “male or female”. Other than that, wow! Very welcoming game opener and I appreciate it a lot!


hehe so true.
But who knows maybe the next chapter will make things easier. :sweat_smile:


Let’s start saying I am agender to clear things up, hehe. I think the character creator is great as it is because here is clearly asking about your biological body, so using male or female is clear and to the point in my opinion :slight_smile: