Feedback Regarding "Menu" Option in CS Games

One of the recent changes made to the CS menu options is to add a whole bunch of options as choices. Overall this is good but one small nitpick is that to change more than one setting at a time (ie. animation of pages and text font-size) you need to enter the menu, do the former, exit back out to the game and then re-enter the menu option once more.

In addition to having a “return to game” choice, it would be nice to have a “return to settings” option as well.

It is nice to give me an option to “play games like this” or to “notify me when new games are released” but to do both at one time is not as efficient as it could be.


On what platform does that happen? Or is it the latest CS release feature? :thinking: Because both in browser and android changes are instantaneous, no need to exit and re-enter anything. On the phone it’s even more convenient, since you can use swipe to select and change multiple options in quick succession without the need to press “next” button.

On the actual games releases (Steam and Apple IOS are the two platforms I have access to and tested this on) when the “Menu” button is chosen to change settings … As an example: (I, Cyborg and Fallen Hero: Rebirth tested) I start them, press “Menue”, chose “Animation”, then chose “Don’t animate between pages.” Now, if I want to enlarge the text (for example) I am forced to “Return to the game”, press the Menu button once more and then chose the option to change the text size.

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