Hotkey for Next Page

This is probably in the wrong section. I sincerely apologize in advance if I shouldn’t be posting this where I am, or if I shouldn’t be posting it at all. Also, if someone’s already posted about this, again, I apologize.

I just had a general question, or suggestion. A hotkey to click the next button instead of clicking it manually? If there already is one, what is it? If not, what is the likelihood?

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Since CScript exports your games as pseudo .html, using TAB allows you to cycle through all the sections in-game (show stats, achievement, option list, and of course, the NEXT button) and select them with space/enter.

I don’t think it currently supports hotkeys for now, or customizable binding in that matter.

Alright, I can’t hold it.
Imagining using only keyboards to explore CScript works is godly. I’m very excited at the thought of it.

Sorry Dan, but if possible, I’d love this to be a thing :]
But take your time. Omnibus’s priority