New in ChoiceScript: Page animations, slide-to-select, settings, VoiceOver

There’s a new version of ChoiceScript on GitHub.

What’s new?

  1. Page animations. As discussed in this topic, we’ve added page-turn animations. When you click the “Next” button, the next page will fade in while the previous page fades out and slides away.

  2. Slide to select. On iOS and Android, you can now slide your finger over an option to select it. It’s a lot quicker than tapping the option, scrolling down, and tapping Next.

  3. Settings menu. If you use the latest index.html, there’s a new “Settings” button that players can use to change the color and size of text, and enable/disable animations.

  4. Improved support for iOS VoiceOver. Visually impaired players using iOS VoiceOver will have a nicer experience in this version. We now automatically focus the first paragraph when you turn the page. (Relatedly, ChoiceScript now uses real HTML paragraphs with the <p> tag, instead of two <br> line breaks between paragraphs.)

This update changes a lot of code internally. If you’re using a custom modified copy of index.html, you’ll need to incorporate a change I’ve added, adding a <div class="container" id="container1"> line right inside the <body> tag. Without it, you’ll see this error when you click the “Next” button:

<div id=container1> is missing from index.html

Also note the new menuButton “Settings” button in index.html. The game works OK without it, but that button must appear in index.html for users to have the new Settings menu.


Sorry about that! I forget to check in a few files. This is now fixed in the latest ChoiceScript.


I’m not sure if this is a new bug or an old one, but every time I execute a code like this

<<Random normal texts here>>
	percent random_typical_variable Woohoo

the <<Random normal texts here>> will appear below the Woohoo percentage, not above it.

I’m forced to use double spaces/*page_breaks to put the <<Random texts>> back to above the percentage. Is it intentional?

Edit: let me do the summoning ritual.


I was just seeing this in the XoR beta, too.


Good catch. I just fixed this in the latest ChoiceScript.