Two of our games have animations now

Two of our games, Runt of the Litter and Creatures Such as We, now include animations when you turn the page.

On desktop browsers and in our Steam apps, it’s a cross-fade effect. In mobile browsers, (iOS Safari and Android Chrome) the next page slides in. You can also see the sliding effect in our native Android app. (Our native iOS app has always had a “page curl” effect; that remains the same.)

If you don’t like the animation, you can use the Settings menu to turn it off.

Also, on iOS and Android, you can now slide your finger on an option to select it. It’s faster than tapping an option, scrolling down, and tapping Next.

Let us know if you encounter problems with the new animations. Assuming we don’t see issues/complaints, we’ll start rolling this out to more of our games over time.


This change, is one of the best QoL improvement, especially the swap-to-select one.

Finally, codex list with tons of entries is something legit.

Just to express my ever so humble opinion, I’m not a fan. The cross-fade effect really subverts the comforting “page turning” feeling (even insomuch as the content is immediately replaced) that I have become accustomed to from digital content.

I’m likely just being stodgy with my preference, but I thank you very much for allowing the animation to be turned off so easily. I’m afraid I would be hard pressed to tolerate the gradual cross-fade between pages (being the obstinate old fogey that I am).


This is great, but seems to be a little buggy on my Android phone:

The window height seems to be fixed and shorter pages can be scrolled down past “Next” to whitespace. Longer pages have it less serious.

EDIT: Closing the app completely (via a task manager) on an extended page, and reopening it, seems to tempoarily fix the problem. It reappears if I restart the game.

I also can’t seem to swipe options (but I could be doing that wrong?). Yup! False alarm on that one. Swiping works great :slight_smile:


Swiping is quite tricky if you don’t know it.

Your finger needs to “tap and hold” first on the most right-side of the option, slide it all the way to the left to “select,” and release your finger away from the screen to “confirm.”


Try this alternate animation.

It turns on a page-sliding effect even on desktop browsers. I’d initially disabled it because I was afraid that it stutters too much, but I’m curious to hear if you (or others) prefer it to the cross-fade effect.

I honestly like the original format but each their own.


I don’t see that on my Android phone. Can you Google “what’s my user agent” on your phone and paste me the result here? (or in a PM if you’d prefer)

“Original” meaning no animations at all?

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Correct. I like the idea of you giving people options but I just liked the plain vanilla style from before.


I’m not sure if this the case, but perhaps, can the animation speed be sped up?

Think of the fluidity of Win10 tiles transition animation speed.

Yup, the duration is totally under our control. (I’m not sure what you mean by Win10 tiles.) The animation is currently one second long. Would you prefer half a second?

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Hmm… 0.5 seconds seems more reasonable than 1 sec to me. Actually, I’m more towards 0.3 sec, but I think it may cause stuttering on certain devices.
But try give it a shot.

And what I meant with Win10 tiles is when you scroll the “tiled” home-menu using mid-mouse. It feels like ZAP ZAP!
So fast, so fluid.

I cranked it down to 0.5s. Try it.


I find the 0.5s page-sliding link you recently put up just recently to be just grand. The subtle effect is smooth and aesthetically pleasing. I like it very much, personally, as it invokes a pleasant ‘page-turning’ feeling.


Swifty swifty smooth~~
:heart: :heart:

I received some feedback suggesting that the header should stay put while the body of the text fades in and out.

Here’s an example of that.


If the reader is on a page with a good amount of text, scrolls down, then clicks next (or makes a choice), the page turning effect overlaps with the static header making for a slightly uncomfortable experience.


I’m not a fan… I tried it and for some reason it made me feel like I was going to puke. Thank you for having a setting to turn it off.