Two of our games have animations now

Same here. It’s very jarring on long pages.


Perhaps a way around the overlap would be to have the header in an “absolute” (immovable / can’t scroll it out of view) position and have the text scroll (up or down) limited to the space under the header?

This way the header doesn’t move and the text transition effect should never be able to overlap it.

Would it be possible for the slide to select mechanism be optional as well? Not an avid admirer on my mobile. The gray square’s very presence before the sleek glide backwards is alternately very, very distracting and occasionally has been known to cause a quivering in my gullet–but then again I can be overly delicate. I haven’t been really able to play the updated games since…

It did cause another issue for me as well in Runt of the Litter whereupon trying to scroll up this particular page:

it went all clumsy and would skitter then lag, seemingly determined that I was attempting to slide into a choice rather than my actual intention to scroll up and review the text previous to the choices.

Swiping or Sliding can be quite tricky if you don’t know its mechanism. Let me quote myself at here:

I’m kinda agree that the gray square can be very distracting. Is there any possibility to make it only appear for at most, say, 3 first choices?

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Yes, thanks to your sage advice I managed to overcome that little hurtle early on. This was more of a hope that I will be able to disable the slide-to-select completely in my games…

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Is it possible to disable the page animation programmatically, so that my game starts without page animations?

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I found a way using the ever-powerful (and undocumented) script tag.

*script window.animateEnabled = false;