Converting to mobile

Hi! I’m only starting to create my own game on my pc but i would like to convert it so that it can be played on both PC and mobile (but it will be more for mobile). Is it possible? Because i don’t want to do some “wall text” on pc i keep it fairly short each time. And i like the visibility you have when you work on a PC.

So yea i’d really like to keep working on my PC for a mobile version if it’s possible. Thanks.

If you’re in the browser (chrome at least), hit F12 (to open Developer Tools) > Ctrl + Shift + M (toggle device toolbar) and then you can set the dimensions at the top to whatever you want to see the page (at least in chrome there are presets for common device dimensions). Its not exactly like it would appear in the app, but it does give an idea of what the browser version of the game would look like on a mobile device.

There’s almost definitely a way to do the same thing in edge/firefox, I’m just more familiar with chrome because that’s what I tend to use for web development stuff.

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Oh okay thanks i’ll try. I’m on firefox but i should be able to find something similar. And do you happen to know if my PC version can be converted on mobile when i make it available to play please?

EDIT : On firefox it’s the same. And it’s preset too. Thanks to you i can see that i need to make my paragraphs better xD