Publishing Games on Mobile Phone?

I’ve seen a topic like this a while back but I didn’t want to revive an old thread.

Anyways, I am looking to publish the first beta of my game but I have no Internet on my computer.

I mean I have one but I have no way to publish it. Is there any way to do so on my Android device?

Or I saw that some people put up games for others so would anyone be willing to do that for me of need be?

Try You should be able to work that from a phone.

well you could use dropbox even I finally could use in my old phone if you want more info pm me @Sunbean

Dropbox is always a good choice. I do offer for CoG writers web space for free for game development , but you have to know how to use a ftp program such as Filezilla. I have seen over time causes a lot of headaches.

I’d recommend dropbox too. As you can you have it on your pc and android phone. So have two ways of accessing your files.

All right, I guess I’ll check out Dropbox. I’ll probably PM you sometime soon, Mara.

no problem I learn bad way how publish my game only in a movile