Can this work on a SmartPhone?

Just curious I have a smartphone but no Laptop or Computer can I write a game on a smartphone with this kind of software?

i am pretty sure @marajade wrote her game on a smartphone

So long as you can edit a .txt file, you can make a CS game on it.

Yah Madarajade was doing hers on a smartphone but she said it was frustrating and I cant imagine doing it on a phone

I did over half of mine on a phone.

I wrote one of SoI’s chapters on my Android tablet, so it’d certainly possible to do so on a smartphone. However, the experience really wasn’t something I’d care to repeat.

yes i work only in a phone if you need help pm me I try help you

All right thank you people! I might just write something then take along damn time haha but it will be worth it!