Compiling a game


Every time I compile my game, and try playing it it comes out as one large wall of text(everything I’ve written and coded all together). Can someone tell me why this might be happening? It seems to play just fine when it’s not compiled


Do you mean there’s exposed code and no choices? Or that there’s no paragraphs etc. Can you post an example of the text wall you’re getting?



What’s the non-compiled code like?
It looks like there are " marks where there should be code markers such as * and #
For example “*finish with the rising sun” should be missing the " otherwise it won’t be read as code.

Otherwise, what browser are you opening it in?


That’s a screen shot of the compiled file once I open it…
The uncompiled stuff is the normal scene files located in the mygame folder, which I open and play on Firefox. I just hit the compile file located within the choice of download, which puts it all together. I download the file and that’s what it looks like once I open it…
Sorry if this isn’t the best description…
It works fine when I hit the index file in my game to play it, so I’m confused…


Try right click on the compiled file. Select “open with” then select "firefox"
Hopefully that will set it to the right program for you.


ok, think I kind of have narrowed down the issue. It works on the computer (although the image doesn’t show up) but the image above is when I try play it on my phone.
Am I meant to code a specific code within the game for phones? (I got a iPhone 5s) if so what do I code and where?

Thanks for your time by the way, bit of a lemon over here…


Ah sorry, didn’t realise you were on your phone. Sorry can’t help you there I don’t have an iphone but couldn’t get my WIP’s compiled games to play on my andrioid if saved there either. The way I got it to work was to upload it to dropbox and play the link from there.


Oh sorry lol, yeah that’s a bummer, unfortunately for me that was from the drop box folder…

Update- gave up on drop box and moved to dashingdon’s site. Everything works as it should


Would you mind sending me a link to the broken compilation?