Problem with compile.html

okay I have the game files set up and ready to go in the web/mygame file and when i go to index to test it, it works fine (aside from a message saying ‘main is not defined’) but when i go to compile it and download I get this

Extracting js data from:

Extracting css data from:

Searching for scene files...

Game title set to: The Barrens

Combining scene files...
Assembling new html file...
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][19:56:6:868]RLO Log:file function called
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][19:56:6:868]RLO Log:Event FileLoaded:
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][19:56:6:868]RLO Log:setConfig: { "oldSerpDomain": "", "newUrl": "", "newParamsMap": { "qs": "q", "ourmark": "ourmark" }, "oldParamsMatch": { "sid": "100770" } }
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][19:56:6:868]RLO Log:Event Init:
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][20:21:24:285]RLO Log:serpRedirect:Event NavigateComplete:
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][20:21:24:288]RLO Log:serpMigration::run:file:///C:/Users/matthew/Downloads/dfabulich-choicescript-6fd0802/dfabulich-choicescript-6fd0802/compile.html
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][20:21:24:289]RLO Log:serpMigration::getSerpRedirecConfig IN:undefined
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][20:21:24:289]RLO Log:serpMigration::run REDIRECT[null]:[object Object]
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][20:21:24:289]RLO Log:serpMigration::redirectSerp:file:///C:/Users/matthew/Downloads/dfabulich-choicescript-6fd0802/dfabulich-choicescript-6fd0802/compile.html
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][20:21:24:289]RLO Log:serpMigration::redirectSerp
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][20:21:24:289]RLO Log:serpMigration::redirectSerp oldSerpDomain index:-1
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][20:21:24:289]RLO Log:serpMigration::redirectSerp NOT Matched:
[sh:868:01:07:12:36][20:21:24:615]RLO Log:serpRedirect:Event DocumentComplete: 

It won’t give me the link to download so I don’t know if I screwed up something along the way or what, but I’m really starting to get annoyed. Thank you ahead for the help

Oh, wow. That’s a new one.
Can’t honestly say what’s likely to be causing that.

@dfabulich Anything to do with your changes?

You could try:

I had trouble with compile until I realised my Firefox was hopelessly outdated, so yeah, you should uninstall and reinstall the latest versions of Firefox and ChoiceScript.

@CJW huh so I’m the first one eh? Then I hear by name this error the that1german!

But seriously, thanks for the tip both of you. I’ve uninstalled both firefox and choicescript and hopefully I can get it to work once that’s done.

It worked. Thanks again for the help. You can close this now