Game not compiling properly

`Hey there, maybe one of you guys can help me out. I’ve been trying to compile my game using firefox to try and trial and error some code I put in for a new scene, however when it starts compiling in firefox the process stops when the text reads “combining scene files”. I’ll copy and paste the exact screen/text that pops up if that will help.

Extracting js data from:

Extracting css data from:

Searching for scene files…

Game title set to: The City of Warriors

Combining scene files…"

I’m not sure how to get it to proper compile or what exactly went wrong because it was working fine and compiling perfectly just two days ago. Any help is appreciated.

Try 1) opening index.html and seeing if the game runs, 2) running quicktest.html and seeing if it runs/throws and error, 3) running randomtest.html and seeing if there’s an infinite loop.

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In my first time trying out ChoiceScript, I always encountered the same problem like yours, too. IIRC, it was because I wrote a wrong scene name, especially since they’re CasE SeNSiTivE. Try to double check that.

Try as above and if you’re still stuck, open your browser’s console (usually F12). With any luck there will be a more intuitive error message there (post it here if you don’t understand it).

Thanks for the help. Finally got it working