Automatic Scaling?

Changing the text size becomes somewhat of a tedious task when you have to do it for every single game. I used to play on an HD+ screen which was filled up perfectly for some reason but ever since my transition to 1080p, the default text has been tiny

Whether getting new titles or revisiting old ones, manually making the text bigger has become quite a chore. It’s a minor gripe but since I haven’t seen anyone mention it, I’m making this thread to propose an automatic scaling solution that fits the text size to the screen resolution.

It’s definitely feasible logistically since there’s no reason why scaling text should be a problem when 99.99% of modern games have automatic graphics scaling. And I doubt there’s any philosophical reasoning against text size so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Anyone else have any thoughts? Again, I acknowledge that it’s not a major issue like a potential save system or something of that magnitude but we should try to make little improvements here and there regardless


CTRL + + doesn’t work? It’s supposed to be the industry standard.

Nope, I don’t think CScript even has any inbuilt shortcuts or hotkeys so…

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Does the “mske text bigger” not work for you in settings? You can keep selecting it to keep making the size bigger.

I believe their point is that kind of adjustment is tedious to do, if you’re changing text size drastically/for multiple games.

(I know nothing about the technological feasibility of autoscaling text, but I’m supportive of accessibility QOL fixes.)


Oof, they went over that in detail.

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Thanks. Guess I don’t really find it tedious.

@will No need to be rude.

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Which platform are you on? Web? iPhone? Android? Steam? (If Steam, for Windows? Mac? Linux?)

I believe I remember an exactly same post posted before, and it’s implied they’re using PC. Which in this case, the platform would be web (or steam/windows. They mentioned Ctrl + +).