Fonting, and the use of in games


Now, this is sort of an educated guess (since I’m not s choice of game coder/writer) but I’m guessing you can code different fonts and sizes In game!

Now my question is, what fonts do you like the best? And what fonts irk you to no end? Or do you not have a preference?

Now me, personally, I like small clear font that has nice character separation, and I almost cannot stand large bubbly font, imo it makes it really rather hard to read and busy.

What do you guys think? Have you had to put down a game because of its font? Or do you just get used to it after a while?


Ever since I held a job at a print advertiser, I’d appreciated the Helvetica font. For school and work (non-advertising) reports, Times has been the standard the stuffed suits require not to get glazed-over eyes.


If a game has hard to read font, it’s usually possible to change it, so I have never abandoned a game for its font. The standard font for COG is fine.

I hate overly small font, cursive, or excessively curly font and basically hard to read font. I like Times New Roman and fonts where it’s possible to tell the difference between a capitalized I/i and a lower case l/L.

But, can’t font be changed by viewing device? Some people’s screenshots have different fonts than when I view the game on my device. Also, smart fonts (the kind you get from pasting direction quotation mark code from a Microsoft Word document) often show up as squares and are unreadable.


Change fonts is terribly easy and can be done in five seconds. However, I don’t recommend doing it. Mobile devices don’t support almost none of the thousands of pc fonts and that could give us mobile devices users lot of problems and we are a good chunk of Cog buyers base



Helvetica font is nice! ohh I rather like it, And yes, times is a classic, but with no line spacing, I think it can be a little difficult to read, usually 1.5 spacing is enough, but teachers sometimes ask for 2 (I think to edit maybe?)


cursive usually isn’t too much of a problem, unless their handwriting is very very loopy, I had an English teacher in 5th grade once, that just looked like a bunch of “L” loops over and over xD it was a difficult time.

and what @poison_mara said is correct xD I buy the COG games on my phone, and am not entirely sure how to change fonts, but I’ll look into it sounds interesting!


changing fonts is the most easy stuff everm Just changing the font code in the style.css file five seconds .


I don’t have any problems with fonts, as I never have trouble reading them. However, I prefer fonts that are a bit larger than average just to make it easy on my eyes to see.

Even if the font isn’t compatible with mobile devices, isn’t there a way in CSS to make it default to another font should the preferred font not work for some reason?