Custom fonts in-game?

I was wondering if it would be possible to put a font file inside the game folder (like when it is compiled, and packaged into apps etc), so even if the people who play it don’t have the custom font on their computer can play it with the font? Because right now I think if the game uses a font that isn’t installed, it will just default back to Times or something. (I hope I worded that in an understandable way - if it’s unclear I shall try to elaborate more :O)

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I was wondering too! I’d love to have a custom font in my game…

I am sure it very possible, but unless they have the font on their computer it would not show up. You would have to mod the css file in the game folder, but mods may not be supported at the time you publish.

@Lucy1212 y1212 There’s instructions on changing the font here

@Lordirish I think Choice of the Dragon used a different font. It was also fancied up in other ways too.