CS Font Size Mod

This is just a quick little mod I threw together to provide an option to change text size during gameplay if it’s too small/difficult to read at it’s current size, vs. just zooming in with the browser, as all that does is make the entire page more difficult to navigate since it blows the entire page up, instead of just the text.

You can download it and/or take a gander at the code here.

There won’t be much of a mod manual for this one as it’s relatively self explanatory, but:


As per usual, go ahead and download the .js file, and put it in your web folder in your CS game, then, go to the index.html file within the mygame folder and insert this code:

<script src="../fontChanger.js"></script>

right after you see this code featured below in your index.html file.

<script src="../scene.js"></script>

now save index.html and that’s it, mod’s installed.


After you’ve installed the mod, you’ll now have an input box pop up right before the stats button with ‘100%’ already in it, if you ever want to change the font size, either lowering it or making it bigger, just type in the % you want it at, so for 10% larger, type in 110%, etc. etc. Just make sure to exit the box after you’re done inputting the % size you want it at, it won’t take effect till then, simply because of how the mod works.

If there are any questions or issues with the mod, just ask and I’ll be happy to help out. Hope this can be put to some use.