Animations: y/n?

  • Animate between pages.
  • Don’t animate between pages.

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I hope I’m not the only one who always turns animations off. It’s really distracting for me, especially on mobile…


I don’t animate between pages, but that’s really just because no animation seems to be the default setting. I don’t really find the animations that distracting.

I’m not big on the new animation on the choices, either to be honest. Or the way my finger can accidentally pull on the choices and not scroll vertically unless I’m careful. I wish that was possible to turn off.


The animation really throws me off when I’m playing. Also, the new button animation is rather pesky and there isn’t a setting for it yet so I’m just stuck dealing with it.


Although you can count me as the one who… helps in the implementation of this feature, I’ve to admit that I’m on the “No animation” camp :sweat_smile:

The thing is, the animation often lags when there’s a bunch of text going on the pages. Of course, this can be “fixed” by making the animation goes slower, but I was the one who proposed for faster animation sequence :sweat_smile:

I don’t really care tbh

I’ve never really noticed them probably because they’re so fast it’s nearly impossible to perceive unless you specifically pay attention to it

But if I had to make a choice then I suppose having animations make the experience more natural imo
I’ve never ever experienced any sort of lag with them so I have no clue what the people are complaining about( I play offline with Steam so I think the issue is either mobile or browser)

I didn’t really pay attention to any new developments until I started a game and realized something was amiss and that it annoyed me. Took a while until I realized that there was now an animation between the pages and turning them off is the first thing I do.

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the first thing i always do… turn off the animation :grin:
for me, somehow… it’s annoying :sweat_smile: coz sometimes it makes me choose a choice i dont even read yet while i just want to scroll the page :no_mouth:


Yep, it’s on mobile.
My phone is potato :laughing:

But as you said, it’s actually quite seamless on the desktop.

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I always turn the animations off before I even start playing, aha.

They, uh, they actually really hurt my eyes for some reason. I don’t know why but I just can’t stand them.


In released CoGs/HGs it doesn’t make much difference to me. That’s why I’ll pass up on this vote. Tho when is comes to WIPs I tend to get annoyed when the animations make the game slower.

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I personally cannot stand the animations. They’re distracting, too slow, and they interrupt the flow of the game. I turn them off first thing. I really, really wish they weren’t on by default.


Well, this is a pretty big preference for not animating according to the poll. I wonder if that would hold true for general users outside the forum.

I always turn off the animations because they make me feel slightly dizzy :dizzy_face: (this is using a laptop, where there’s a definite whoosh of motion when it’s on).

I’m all for having options, and glad that the animation isn’t required, but would be in the camp of prefering no animation by default.


I chose to animate between pages…it adds more ‘life’ to the RPG I think…

…I swear, this post just sounds like I am h*gh on w**d, so ‘deep’, wow. :smile:

But honestly, I do think that in some weird way. And I do love the ‘animate between pages’ option.

I don’t like them, they make the game slow and laggy. When I tried to play with them the game just responds so much slower and it feels clunky

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No animation. It kinda ruins the immersion for me, or it might be just because i ain’t used to it lol

Now this makes me wonder if there’s a difference between desktop and mobile users. I use mobile, and find animations there pretty obtrusive, but less so on desktop.

What’s your primary platform, and do you use animations there?

  • Mobile, animate between pages
  • Mobile, don’t animate between pages
  • Desktop, animate between pages
  • Desktop, don’t animate between pages
  • Tablet, animate between pages
  • Tablet, don’t animate between pages

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I personally dislike the feature and turn it off mainly because for some reason it lags on my phone half the time. I’m curious about your opinion

P.s sorry if this is in the wrong category


I don’t like the delay of animated pages personally, even if it’s minor.


I always turn it off since I sometimes get stuck between two pages and that can be annoying.

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