UI Suggestions on Mobile


While playing several of the mobile games I thought of some ideas you may or may not have considered. I should note that I only played the games on the iOS so far.

  1. Allow user to control appearance (i.e. font, size, color).

This can make it a much more pleasant reading experience and given that this is a text game, I would rate implementing this feature pretty high.

  1. Make it easier to access next button/page and choices.

Multiple ways to accomplish this. For example you can have a bar always up top while scrolling. This bar would have a next button or a button to bring up choices. Perhaps even offer a previous page button when it’s ok to go back a page. Another option is to allow finger swipes for the next page. Personally when I replay I hate having to wait for page load animation to scroll down to the bottom on a button that I can’t just tap anywhere on it.

  1. Allow more saves or undo during different stages of the game.

I suggest this because I may want to play a different character at the same time or maybe I don’t want to redo the entire game because I mistakenly clicked the wrong choice. That can be fixed with moving the next button further away from choices or capability with locking choices before clicking next. There are other reasons this feature can be nice like a cheat? Make it only available after one play through or certain badges earned or even as an additional $1 cheat purchase?

Anyway, just my thoughts so far. Thanks for all the fun these games gave me 8)


Your ideas are cool, but 99% of people that makes games here arent coders, and we have no idea of implement that you need a lot of informatic code knowledge time and money to make all that features compatibles all systems mobiles and platforms.
The only idea of code that comands creep me a lot , that could make Cog only viable to informatic programers and than dont sounds great.


The ability to change the aesthetics of the text is definitely something I can agree on, as is a more flexible saving system (being able to delete saves would be a good start).

The swipe for next page thing is also a very good idea, very intuitive! They won’t however be adding any ability to go back a page, they’ve already stated as much somewhere on the site.

Actually we can already edit the CSS, if I recall you’ve done it in your WIP game?
Writing some javascript functions to change the CSS in-game would actually be fairly easy (via *script), the hard (or rather, almost impossible) bit is knowing what sort of standards we need to follow in order for such changes to work on certain publication platforms, like iOS.

For example Dan said that our old multi-button hack can’t be replicated on iOS, that could very well be the same story here. If the community could see some of the CS wrappers, you never know, we might be able to start making some of these changes ourselves.


@CJW Yeah i did many of that changes music, save system add colors… even add backgrounds. And I never could see half of them due my android is not compatible with half of them, that´s why i said is very difficult to code something that works in ALL systems.

Also i have no idea code all i do is write in the wiki, so i couldnt help to find a way sadly :frowning: