A few things that I think can be made better in COG


I absolutely adore the concept, and I bought every game to date until now. Those that I had already bought for my old itouch, I bought them again on my transformer tablet (not saying this for thanks, just as a testimony that I am a loyal customer that is genuinely interested in making this better).

I was playing Heroes Rise, and I noticed a few things that were stopping me from enjoying fully the game. The first is a very functional feature, the two others are personal (but I think still worth considering):

1 - Sometimes, when you click “next”, and the page that comes in has the same height, you can end up pressing the new “next” button without reading the new text. This almost got me killed in the climax of Heroes Rise, and actually got my friend to loose in Choice of Dragon (she was trying COG for the first time). I consequence, I propose a simple solution: that the button stays disabled for a half-second after page load.

2 - One of the most frustrating things about all the game is how they end by “play again”. It’s a very “emotional” feature, not a functional one that I am requiring, but after playing Heroes Rise for a few hours, I would have been delighted to find a big “The End”, which would allow me to progressively emerge to the real world, at my pace, instead of being so abruptly reminded that this is a digital game and that I can share it with friends.

3 - I know one can share impressions about the games on the forums, but it would be so much better, at the end of the game, to be able to read actual reviews (with spoilers hiders!), see what others have experienced, if they liked it, didn’t, some sort of notation system. It’s like that discussion when you go out of the movies, you know? It completes the experience.

I hope there are other people that think like me. I’d also like a “suggestions” forum.
Keep up the good work, COG!