Choice script feature request: keyboard input and multiple sounds

I’m not sure if the CS developers are still interested in adding to the language, but there are a few features which would be really helpful.

Currently, you can press alt+ option number (or shift+alt+option number) to select a choice option, but you still have to press the next button to advance the story. I would love to see a toggle for advancing the story on selection of an option in the settings menu. I understand why this isn’t desireable as a default behavior-- it increases the liklyhood of accidental choices without a way to reverse them, but I think for many people it would also add to the emersion of the game, and should be an option they can choose to enable. For another idea, the Simon Proof of Concept (discussed here) Game of Simon: another proof of concept implements direct keyboard input in a similar way. I’d love to see the option for this implemented language-wide. My understanding is that there is already a more seamless way to transition between story text on mobile, but unfortunately it isn’t screen reader accessible, where the keyboard methods I mention would be.

It would also be really nice if we could get the ability to have more than one sound playing at a time. That would enable you to play both ongoing/looping music as well as ambiance sounds of whatever sort-- weapon sounds, village/crowd sounds, etc.


Hi @tangerine_skies. I agree that pressing “next” is often redundant and could be optional. A little trick is that you can use alt +option+ n for next.

While we wait for language changes, I can help you implement the feature in your program, it’s only a few lines of *script.

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Thanks. I’m not sure if that might create potential publication issues, though. I think I’ll wait unntil I have more of a game to add things to, but if you’re willing, I’ll reach out to you once that’s the case. I really appreciate that offer, since while I like to think I’m getting pretty fluent in choice script, my knowledge of any other languages is exactly 0. One of the things that makes this community so stellar is that, when people make things that are particularly cool, there is often a spirit of wanting to share those things widely so that other games can make use of them, rather than hoard them for their own projects. Thanks for exemplifying that.