Audio to help enrich a story - good idea?

Do you think the occasional audio file would help/hinder a Choicescript game?

By audio file I don’t mean a soundtrack or music, but an audio file of someone speaking. Here is an example (minus the audio file) just so you can see what I’m trying (and failing) to explain.


Kicking the door down you sweep the room with your gun. Unfortunately it was empty, you'd missed Victor again. 
This was getting annoying now. The apartment had been tidied up, recently from the look of it. A thorough search 
only finds an audio tape left on the bed. A note stuck to it mentions it is for you.
  #Play it.
    *audio tape plays*
    *goto nextscene

  #Pocket it for later.
    *goto nextscene

*label nextscene

blah blah blah

As you can see in this scene the MC finds a audio tape and can choose to play it or not.

If they do; the audio plays and they get to actually hear “Victor”'s message.

Would something like this interest you? or put you off?

That could be cool, though I think it might require JS. You’d also have to use multiple different voices if you wanted to have more audio files by different people. It also seems like something that’s necessary for the story, so it might hinder the reader if they aren’t able to listen to the audio for some reason.

@Samuel_H_Young Maybe JS is not required. Choicescript has a *sound command listed in scene.js.


Yeah it probably would require JS, its just a thought atm. So if I couldn’t it won’t be too much of a loss lol

I’m thinking of either having a series of audio tapes left by one person or maybe having 3/4 different sets to be found (and all would have different voices. It wouldn’t be major story stuff I’m thinking simple side stuff (such things as musings/thoughts)

It’s supported now (because of DH xD) but it needs JS to put it in specific places.


Yeah TotDH’s music is what got me thinking of the audio tapes. Personally I am not keen on the music (although I appreciate the option for those who do like it) but it got me intrigued what if instead of music in a game you could find hidden audio files that enrich the world and backstory :slight_smile:

Also couldn’t be compatible with some devices systems. It could be interesting to allowed blind people play these games. But same time deaf could missing something. I think dont deserve the effort


that would be something to consider yeah. If I ever did decide to follow through I’d probably plan 3/4 sets of 4 audio tapes so 12/16 audio files spread out over the course of six episodes. Missing one wouldn’t ruin the story but finding one might reveal that the reason a specific case was easier than you expected was because Victor was surveying the scene from the scope of a sniper rifle :wink: little things like that to add to some of the NPCs.

Biggest issue to me would be finding the right voice for the character. If I got it wrong it could ruin the character. For example imagine if the voice I chose for Victor sounded like Joe Pasqualie it would be terrible lol

A few others have expressed that they didn’t like the music, but like you they didn’t care because it could be turned off. A lot of people have said it was a great addition, so I’m glad I included it. I think I’m just a little ahead of the curve :wink:

Yeah, some readers may think the voices conflict with how they imagined the character would sound like, so it’d be important to match them up with their descriptions really well.


The option to turn it off was a wise decision :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what didn’t you like about the music? Did you not like the tracks themselves, or did it just distract you from reading?


I just found it distracting, the songs were cool but I prefer to just read and focus on the story, although I wouldn’t mind like the audio files idea.

That’s certainly understandable. Well if you end up using audio files, I think it’s a cool idea.

I also if you put audio files, could you put mute option? I play this games in hospital and noise its not a option. Also i think erase my imagination . But many people could like it so let options open.


a mute option wouldn’t be needed as you would have to choose to listen to the tape to hear it.

Sure, I think anything that adds a fresh spin to design can be beneficial.
That doesn’t however mean that it’s guaranteed to make your game any better, or your story any richer. Sound in this sense - like anything else - is just a tool, it’s up to the author whether to (and how best to) use it.

It’s worth noting that everything in ChoiceScript requires JS (because everything is JS), it’s just the difference between it being an official (i.e. supported) implementation or a 3rd party/community solution.

Both Terminal and @AlexCosarca 's Red Moon have long since featured music for example, just not through official code.

I’ve actually wrote some basic code for handling sound effects too (though I’ve not really done much with it).

It can be as simple as writing some basic JS and using *script:

But it wouldn’t be much more hassle to create custom commands. It’s just whether or not COG will then publish it/or implement the utilized the code. Theoretically any well coded JS should work (or gracefully excuse itself) on Android, the Chrome Store and possibly iOS.
Kindle Fire might be a different kettle of fish though.

Long story short, sure, go for it - I’d love to see it!
Just be aware that it might prove a difficult route to go down, though I’d wager the end result will be very much worth it.