How might I put sounds & a background picture into my game?


Like the title says how might I go about doing this?


Nevermind, I have music within the story now but I will need to figure out how to change the songs according to pages


Sound would require external JavaScript functions, something we’ve recently decided to not ‘endorse’ or encourage on the forums - You’re welcome to use it by all means, but it’s considered a ‘your on your own’ field, as it’s too hard to explain to the majority of authors as it lies outside the bounds of choicescript and its intended simplicity.

Basic sound tutorial/info can be found here:

In addition I wrote some very simple JavaScript functions to deal with sound control, as part of my current game:

The script for all of those sound functions can be found in this file:

And to call those functions you use the *script command.

Sadly that’s about all the help we can give you in relation to sound without sitting here and physically teaching you JavaScript, which is why we say it’s unsupported territory.

To change the background you need to edit the style.css file, I discuss briefly how to do this in another thread:

I hope that helps somewhat and please don’t let me dissuade you from using sound and extra functionality, I love innovation - Just understand that you’re not likely to get a lot of detailed help on such advanced topics on this particular site – People simply don’t have either the time or expertise.


Thank you once again CJW, you dont disappoint and Im playing Terminal now how long did it take you to make it?


Always happy to help :slight_smile:
The current version of ~ Terminal only took me about 3-4 days/evenings of solid writing/coding (not including its conception).
The upcoming chapter(s) are taking considerably longer though…


I cant wait to see how it will turn out :3 You’ve earned yourself a fan