Animations: y/n?

Idk if this happens bc of the animated pages or not but, sometimes I tap on a choice then the game skips to the next page without me actually tapping on the “next” button below the choices. Guess it’s unnecessary for me to say that it’s quite annoying when I have to restart the game bc of a choice I made accidentaly.

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If you swipe the options right to left, it’ll “auto-choose” it for you.

So for safety measure, pick your option by tapping on the bullet point.


I can’t stand it. It annoys me to no ends. I always turn off animated pages and use a black background whenever I’m reading, even if it’s a very short WiP.


I prefer Animated Squires

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It took me a short while to get used to it, but I like it a lot now.

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I turned it on once and forgot about it, and now it’s officially weird to not have it on even if the delay gets frustrating. It’s not as fun as the curled pages thing on NOOK apps though, which causes me to play with and crinkle the pseudopages more than I do in physical books.

I hate it, it causes me headaches

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By animated pages you mean that slight fade transition when clicking next? :thinking: I love that, I hate it when I turn that off; it feels too abrupt! I never knew that people didn’t like that feature!


I like it.

I guess if there were several very short pages in a row it might get annoying, but I can’t think of a time it’s bothered me.

Can that be turned off?

The animations make me kind of dizzy :sweat:

There was a previous thread about this which featured a poll… maybe these should be merged?

What I said there still applies:


I didn’t know there was a topic already, yeah they should be merged or mine deleted or something.

I don’t think so. Dan never mentioned if it can be turned off or not.
One thing for sure, though, is that the swipe-to-choose feature is disabled on PC.

Even ones that have touch screens ?

Well… it depends.
In a browser, if you go to the developer mode and activate the mobile simulation, the feature is enabled there.

Yes, I think PC with touchscreen input will not have the feature enabled.

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I don’t mind animations as part of my experience. But when they mess up… ugh.