Selecting choices as soon as you press them

Quick question as my google fu is failing me. I swear a while back I read about trialling a feature on choicescript where you could select choices simply by clicking on them, rather than having to click next? Is this still an option and if so can someone point me in the direction of the code I would need to use?

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It’s on by default, but you have to slide your fingers horizontally on the choice option. However, it’s hypersensitive and unpredictable, which, sometimes, causes choices to be selected by a quick bump of the finger.

In my opinion it totally sucks. I’ve selected many choices by accident because of that. If anything I’d be asking how to turn it off.


Ah thank you, you can tell it’s been a while. Toying with the idea of making an app to help with a board game so touch one would work better. I’ll try to have a play and see if it’s viable.

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