Settings button?

Howdy, guys!

I’ve recently downloaded the latest choicescript version for that fancy new “settings” button, but I failed in getting it to work. For some reason, it is not showing up. I can only see the stats and restart buttons. Can you guys tell me how to get that button to show up?

Thanks a bunch!

It doesn’t show up during testing?
Or it doesn’t show up when you try to run a game you purchased?

During testing, yes. Thanks again :smile:

I’m not sure that it’s meant to show up during testing?
@RETowers knows for sure, I think.

Really? That may explain it, but I’ve seen countless game authors on dashingdon having it appear on their games.

I’m assuming the settings button was just never added in the non-commercial version of CS (but the JS code was), and @dashingdon (or someone else) figured out how to turn it on.

Functionally it will be there when you submit to Hosted Games (we have a separate CS build for published games).

Edit: I think something wehnt somewhere. Looking into it at the moment.


That’s reassuring :slight_smile: I thought I was doing something wrong, actually.

No, nothing wrong (an update should be out in a couple of days with the settings button in by default).


Thank you so much. Really appreciate it.

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Kinda-sorta related to the topic on hand:

Has anyone been able to get the background choices working? I’ve only managed to get the white and black backgrounds working, and even then they don’t always function on every game I visit. The sepia choice never worked for me. :confused:

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The sepia one is not an old time sepia filter, it’s more of an eggshell off white. Pay close attention when changing between white and sepia to see the difference.


So I have checked and double checked… There is no distinguishable difference between Sepia on the choice games and white background.

Every other application that I have seen that has Sepia as an option has a cream background and dark brown text. Kinda feels like it is broken.

Any chance the dev(s) could give this option some attention. (Note if it matters I have checked on an LG g6 and the Amazon Fire 10 inch tablet)

Sepia is juust slightly yellow than true white. The difference barely make any difference, indeed.

Edit: What am I saying? difference making difference?

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To be honest I agree, there is barely any difference in those colors; I don’t even think there is a point in having both honestly.

Using a color pic the white is R: 255, G: 255, B: 255. This is what it looks like:

And the sepia is R: 247, G: 244, B: 241. This is what it looks like:

Honestly, I can’t even tell the difference. Sepia actually looks more like a darker gray than yellow to me; it might be more pronounced depending on screen settings however. Maybe Sepia could be more beigish background to provide a middle ground between bright and dark themes.

I see a pretty significant difference between those two colors you posted.


All I see is a slightly darker variant. But like I said screen settings may make it more obvious.

Whether you see a difference is entirely dependent on you. I can see minor distinctions between colors really well so I see a difference between those two colors.