Help please? Is it possible to make the screen black from the start?

Okay so you know how when you start up choicescript game in firefox it has the basic white cream background, BUUUT you can go into the settings menu and click “use a black background” instead? :slight_smile: WELLLL I was wondering if there was a way to alter like the index or something to make that option the default on launch of the game instead of the white cream one? :slight_smile: So basically like could I swap them around and make the black one the default and the cream one be a settings option? :slight_smile: Cause I LOVE the black background for night time working on my games, BUT it’s super annoying to have to go into settings every time I restart or exit firefox! :slight_smile:

Not by standard, but you can use *script changeBackgroundColor("black") at the end of your startup. It will flash white, then should turn black.


Okay! <3 Thanks! :slight_smile:

Also YAY it’s actually really fancy! It doesn’t FLASH, it gracefully fades into the black! :slight_smile: I like that! Like it’s a visualization of booting up or whatever.

Also you have a super cute mini image next to your name! :slight_smile: It’s like a flower or a branch with leaves on it? :slight_smile: I like it! How do I get one?

And here I am, trying to find a way to cajole my reader to turn their screen to black for best experience ._.

It’s part of Discourse’s User Card Badge feature, which is editable fully by mod only, if I’m not mistaken :"

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I am currently working on an Idea that I have and in the choice script how do I make it so that for the choices for the MC to become male or female how do I add that to the stats screen?

Um, well, I’m just a beginner kinda girl playing around with this stuff, but the way I set it up was like this:

In startup.txt you go something like this:

*create sexfemale false
*create sexmale false

And then in the game you make a choice kinda like this:

    *set sexfemale true
    *set sexmale true

And then later in the game if you want to make two different versions of a scene, one for a guy and one for a girl, you can do something like this:

*if (sexfemale = true)
  *goto femalemeeting1
*elseif (sexmale = true)
  *goto malemeeting1

*label femalemeeting1

She walked into the board room and sat down.

"Hello, Mrs. Wells," says a colleague, giving a nod. "Glad you could join us."

*label malemeeting1

He walked into the board room and sat down.

"Hello, Mr. Wells," says a colleague, giving a nod. "Glad you could join us."

And that’s that! :slight_smile: At least, that’s how I do it. I know OTHER PEOPLE HERE like to go crazy complex and do stuff like s(he)/(he(r) and whatever with individual words, buuut I like my way!!! <3 It’s way easier and cleaner I think.