Favourite NPC in a CoG?

Who is your favourite NPC (non playable character) in a CoG (can be official or hosted or even a wip) and why?

For me its Cazarosta (Sabres of Infinity).

Because he is the good friend/rival and earns the trust of my character through Arturo D’al Ortiga earns my trust. The relationship throughout is great pushing Arturo to improve his skills.

honourable mentions;

Mindy (Zombie Exodus) - she is the ass kicking partner of my Ex-Ranger I like how the relationship changes throughout the game.

JJ (Slammed) - he makes the game as good as it is. The rivalry is fantastic.

Love all three of those. But Lloyd from Star Captain takes top spot for me. Also quite liked Villeneuve in CoB.

I love Mindy from Zombie Exodus, and Lloyd from Choice of the Star Captain, they have the most personality and they’re really interesting. And Lloyd’s hilarious :smiley:

I liked Madison Rios from Slammed, Heather in ZE, De Mendosa (I think that’s how it’s spelled, the poet from CoR), and lastly, but not least, Nagoop, the blob from Choice of the Star Captain.

Madison and Heather both remind me of my best friend in their rough around the edges, sass-master kind of way, De Mendosa was just super cool and sweet, especially in the third part, and Nagoop has the best speech patterns and was always really fun to talk to. “No need for bescatterment.”

Mindy from Zombie Exodus - the brawn to my scientist’s brains. Also like how both of them have developed.

Carina from Vendetta - Can’t imagine my MC being with anyone else

Lloyd from Star Captain - Need I say more?

I agree! De Mendosa, Nagoop and Heather are my next three favorites.

It seems like everyone loves the characters from Star Captain. Dorian Hart needs to be commended for the great characters she makes.

CoG: Jesse Whittaker from CotV
HG: Uncle Lou from ZE
WIP: Risha from The Outbreak

Hmmm… In terms of favorite NPC to Romance I would have to put it as:

Devlin (Zombie Exodus)
Kel (Blood for Poppies)
Semryu (Way Walkers: University)
Victor (Unnatural)

As for my favorite NPCs for just being brilliant characters:

Damon (Team Zero)
Doctor (Blood for Poppies)
Eugene (Zombie Exodus)
Owen (Team Zero)

I just put both of my lists in Alphabetical order as I just cannot say one character is better then the other.

Ooh good question.
Probably Cazarosta from Sabres of Infinity.
But my favorite NPC from a WIP is Owen from Team Zero.

I thought Elson from Sabres was also a terrifically written character.

Oh, Semryu is awesome

Uncle Lou in Zombie Exodus, and Toby (of course)!
Cazarosta and Elson are both really good too, it’s a pity I can’t seem to befriend both of them in one playthrough.

Semryu in WayWalkers IS pretty cool.

And Louis in Vendetta, largely for his mop bucket and cupboard reasoning… :smiley:

Semryu and Villeneuve. Villeneuve because she was one of the first people I met playing one of the CoG and we just clicked and Semryu because he’s kickass.

I guess for me it would have to be,

Semryu, from Waywalkers.
Jesse, from Choice of the Vampire.
Cazarosta, from Sabres of Infinity.

From the works currently in progress,

Damon, from Team Zero.
I agree with @CJW, Lious from Vendetta can be pretty damned funny too.
I guess both Adamo from Vendetta and both Breden and Simon from Choice of Rebels have some serious potential too, depending on where their character development ultimately takes them.

Oh yeah, Toby from Zombie Exodus cause he’s a dog :smiley:

Devlin (everyone’s shocked beyond belief, I know :p), Mindy, and Uncle Lou from Zombie Exodus
JJ from Slammed!
Jenny and Prodigal (she’s just way too badass) from Heroes Rise
Dan, Yiska, and Miss Caraway from Tin Star … also as much as Preston irked me at times he was a very interesting character and the game wouldn’t be the same without him, so his name deserves being mentioned.

…and those are pretty much the only games I’ve played on here

I recommend Sabres of Infinity, Way Walkers: University 1 and 2, Choice of the Star Captain and Life of a Wizard

male: Devlin, Tom and River from ZE, Semryu from Way Walkers, Lloyd from Star Captain, de Vega from Choice of Intrigue.
female: Mindy from ZE, Zeeber from Reckless Space Pirate.

Zeeber from Reckless Space Pirates.


when I made this topic I never expected one of Unnaturals npcs to show up but if I did Victor would have been the last one I expected lol