Who were your favorite characters to play as?

Choice of Games puts me in my ‘roleplayer’ mindset rather than my ‘gamer’ one, so instead of picking choices to help me get the best stats or endings, I focused more on choices I believed were in-character. One reason I’ve replayed these games so much is because I wanted to see how they would play out from different characters’ perspectives. As a result, I’ve also gotten rather attached to certain characters I played with: like Verite for Choice of the Dragon, a female iridescent dragon who was aloof but honorable; Naosha Bell for Choice of the Vampire, a naive Irishman who thought he could use his unwanted immortality to find a love that would last forever; Mien de Flores for Choice of Romance, a charming, manipulative schemer entranced by the power of the Queen; and Vyse Verne for Choice of Broadsides, who loved Villeneuve almost as much as he loved the sea. And these are just four of many others, some more unexpectedly enjoyable.

So, I’m curious… which characters did you grow particularly fond of, if any?

I don’t really remember names, I remember more their specialties.
For example, I have 4 wordpad documents in a folder on my desktop. Their titles are
CoR;King Consort.
So, yeah ^-^ I DO grow attached to them though, but only for the length of the ride. As much as an RPG fan I am, I get more attached to the environment, story, and main characters. Ex:I’ll forever remember that mountain’s name that I took down Arcane the Dragon, but I can’t remember for the life of me, my character’s name.

Random example, made it up on the spot.

I used to Roleplay in a game called World of Warcraft, my ChoiceOf characters are normally based on my World of Warcraft characters.
Kelfezond (my now adopted username) was a shady criminal character, not too tough but very smart and slightly insane. I played him in Choice of the Vampire and the Dragon.

I am really fond of my vampire in CoV that is trying to be an artist raised by West.
(And I like West too. He is much less of a jerk compared to the other makers.)

As for CoB and CoD, they are way too expendable to me xD

In CoR, I dunno. I would be fond of my characters if they weren’t forced to pursuit crappy lovers
(A narcissistic King, a stereotypical charming dude that isn’t charming, and a kind pig. Bummer.)

MrYoungzman, I definitely know what you mean about RPGs. I’ve always been the type of person to focus more on characters, but an engrossing environment and plot keep me more enthusiastic about the game.

Kelfezond – Insane and/or characters are often a lot of fun to play as, I’ve found. There’s generally more you can do with them…

And Laytonia, ugh, I know what you mean about CoR D: I wanted to like Mendosa, I really did, but he seemed a bit more like a flighty airhead than anything else. I suppose it’s good that all of them have flaws, but I wished I could’ve liked them more.