Fav COGs and Hosted Games in certain categories?

I read a very eloquent and thoughtful post about writing strong characters in a thread today and it got me thinking about how some gamebooks may really excel in one particular category. So what are everyone’s opinions on which HGs and COGs excel in these categories?

  1. Best use of humor
  2. Most interesting characters
  3. Best dialogue
  4. Most compelling plot
  5. Most fascinating universe/setting

I figure if nothing else this gives you a chance to compliment your fave and maybe end up attracting new readers to a gamebook.

I’ve only read about 10, most of them COGs, but at the moment I would answer as follows.

  1. Star Captain
  2. undecided
  3. undecided…maybe ZE?
  4. Deathless
  5. Heroes Rise

The answer to all your questions are my future wip’s i will probably never make :wink:

1)Star Captain
2-5)Sabres of Infinity

1.) Best use of humor - Star Captain
2) Most interesting characters - Zombie Exodus
3) Best dialogue - Sabres of Infinity
4) Most compelling plot - Life of a Wizard
5) Most fascinating universe/setting - Way Walkers

  1. Best use of humor - Imprisoned
  2. Most interesting characters - Heroes Rise (and sequel)
  3. Best dialogue - Sabres of Infinity
  4. Most compelling plot - Choice of Romance
  5. Most fascinating universe/setting - Unnatural

1: Sabres of Infinity
2: Slammed!
3: Sabres of Infinity
4: Choice of Romance
5: Sabres of Infinity

  1. Star Captain
  2. Zombie Exodus
  3. Star Captain
  4. Unnatural
  5. Sabers of Infinity
  1. What happened last night/dead already
  2. Heroes Rise 1 & 2
  3. I dunno
  4. Wizard’s Choice
  5. Unnatural

@HornHeadFan: Which thread/post about strong characters was it?

Thanks (to everyone) for sharing opinions. I don’t think I’ve played enough CoGs and HGs yet to contribute my own list yet, but I’m very interested in playing some that folks think really do a great job with dialogue.

@Carolyne, it was @Protagonist in the CScomp thread. He/she wrote about different characterization elements (being interesting, well rounded, interactive with MC, and well written dialogue).

I should strike my own answers as I probably haven’t read enough of the gamebooks. Also, apparently I really need to read Sabers of Infinity.

@HornHeadFan That’s very kind of you! I’m a “he”, btw.

  1. Tin Star - I’m not generally a fan of comedy games. However the nod to Snakes on a Plane in Tin Star (which is an otherwise serious game) was very well played and made me laugh.

  2. Tin Star - Quite a few games on the site have rounded and interesting characters (Choice of Rebels and Vendetta particularly come to mind here.) However, Tin Star takes first prize both for its broad range of well developed characters and for giving the MC considerable flexibility in choosing how to interact with them.

  3. Tin Star - Vendetta is also a strong contender.

  4. Vendetta - @Vendetta gave us a formidable array of plot-lines, and they’re all entertaining and well developed. This freedom of manoeuvre ensures that it’s a game where the MC is always calling the shots, rather than being a prisoner of events.

  5. Resonance - I like this setting a lot. You’ve got a morally ambiguous empire bent on world domination, the remnants of the kingdoms which it has subjugated and some very colourful foreign powers.

Better yet, @CS_Closet gave us the freedom to play characters from each of these backgrounds. Each background unlocked different parts of the game and offered a distinct playing experience.

@Protagonist, you’re welcome. By the way, Where would I find Vendetta and Resonance? I don’t see them anywhere on COG’s site. I thought I at least knew of all published stories even if I hadn’t read many of them.

@HornHeadFan Neither have been published - they’ve both just been “in progress” for so long that it often feels like they should have been published by now… :wink:

@Protagonist As much as I appreciate the thought, WIPs don’t count!


they may be WIPs but they’ll be worth the wait :slight_smile:

@Vendetta Why shouldn’t WIPs count? They’re both bloody good games, and I recommend them unreservedly for @HornHeadFan’s enjoyment.


Vendetta: https://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/2823/vendetta-rise-of-a-gangster/p7


@HornHeadFan & @Protagonist: Thanks for pointing me to the discussion, for the discussion itself, and for other games to try.

@Protagonist, my enjoyment should be the primary, nay sole, consideration in all COG/HG discussions.

The link to Resonance on Dropbox seems to be down (or at least it isn’t working on my phone). Sorry, folks!

@Protagonist: Too bad about Resonance. The concept sounds amazing.

@Carolyne Found a working link: http://www.allthingsjacq.com/introcomp/2012/resonance/mygame/

Hope you enjoy it!