Fav COGs and Hosted Games in certain categories?

  1. Heros Rise or Death reapers contract (a WIP)
  2. Zombie Exodus
  3. Tin Star
  4. Unnatural
  5. Way Walkers

I haven’t played star captain or Sabers of Infinity yet but they seems to be the most popular choices.

and another category should be most character customization, i would choose Zombie Exodus Safe Haven another WIP

Since CoG is coming up with a pretty good release schedule…maybe they should do like an Academy Awards for like the best games released in a year or something. Or maybe just for interactive fiction games in general. Maybe there already is such a thing, iono, but it definitely seems like people are up for recognizing their favorite games.

I second that idea. You could suggest it on the Business Model thread.

  1. Choice of the Dragon. I love the way the narrator banters directly with the PC, the over-the-top dragon villainy, the lampshaded clichés… Plot-wise and characterization-wise it falls flat, but the humor always brings me back.

  2. Heroes Rise, particularly the second game. There were so many hidden depths and little nuances to so many of the minor characters, and you only just get a glimpse of them. I genuinely feel bad every time I eliminate Mach Girl, or blackmail Monk and Fistful, or diss the Crush, or whatever, because they seem like actual people and not just cardboard cut-outs. Plus Black Magic has to be the best deconstruction of the Mary Sue archetype I’ve ever seen.

  3. Zombie Exodus. I’m on my sixth or so replay (not counting all the times I took a different path and died), and I still haven’t uncovered all the dialogue options. The range and depth of them is truly astounding.

  4. Tough one. I haven’t played Sabres of Infinity or Vendetta or everything else in this spot, but I do think Affairs of the Court has a real compelling plot, with so much direction (well, in the second and third games–the first is kind of standard for that genre).

  5. Choice of the Deathless for sure. We learn so little about it, but what we do learn is fascinating. Demons? God wars? Necromancy? Undead lawyers? Tell me more! I dearly hope for more games set in this same universe because there’s so much unexplored territory.

Let’s see.

Use of humour… Hmmmm… Slammed? I recall if you choose the heel path in the second half of the story and go with the overly muscular 80s stereotype of a wrestler you end up “Juicing for Jesus” when you get called out on your previous drug allegation. Also some of the things you can do as a heel are pretty funny, seeing JJ act all passive, like burning down her RV.

Interesting characters? Zombie Exodus. Everyone had an opinion and at the end of the day, wasn’t able to save everyone. Still, it’s good characters that make you come back to a story.

Dialogue easily goes to Tin Star. Seriously, I live off character interaction. And just the detail in the scenes and just how slow paced it felt. I like my stories slow and this was just the perfect blend of settings, characters and plot.

Plot? Sabres.
Who are we?
Royal Dragoons.
I can’t hear you.
Royal Dragoons!
Once more with spirit!

Setting goes to Way Walkers. Circles within circles at a wizard school, in an original setting. Couldn’t ask for more than that.