Favourite Male ROs

I haven’t played through the full game, but I somehow never realized Mind Blind had more than one RO; I thought it was either Grayson or no one. Didn’t think to check the RO list in the thread. Decided I have a crush on Grayson at the first opportunity (which is way before you meet some of the other characters) and just stuck with it I guess? But I’d pick him regardless even knowing all of the ROs.

Zombie exodus safe haven: Lopez

Out for blood: Marcus

Breach the archangel job: Gabriel and soon Michael lol

Keeper trilogy: Cyrus

Wayhaven: Adam

The golden: Kaidan

Jazz age: John curtis

The wrestling one from hearts choice forgot the name my bad: bravon


This thread made me buy A Study in Steampunk and play through it immediately and I cannot stop thinking about Finch!!!

  • Zhu from Relics. I like the whole cold madman murdery vibe in the first game, I just love those types of characters and I usually romance them in games. In fiction, I just find them so darn interesting. And while there was more on Zhu in the first game as a character and I emphasised with him a lot- it was actually the second Relics game that cemented him as a favourite for me. He just went from this cold character you thought was really cool to an amazing example of character development. How he wore terrible colourful clothes, that before had been so out of character for him, to find out that he was trying his best to be different because he didn’t want to be a cold murdery madman. In both games, it took me for a rollercoaster trying to figure out his actions. When he’s actually someone I relate to a lot in trying to be different.

  • Blade from Shepherds of Haven. Because I like the cool, mysterious commander of the shepherds. As I said- I’m a moth to a flame for such stoic, troubled characters. Plus I’m very intrigued about his background after the last update. I just can’t wait to find out more.

  • Jun from Samurai of Hyuga. I know he’s gender-flippable but I played with him as a guy. He is a very disturbed and angsty character but I just really love him from a fictional pov. If he was real, I would run the other way.


Oooh, i got a couple faves

  • Ioco from Mask of the Plague Doctor
  • Gunther from the Evertree Saga
  • Dan Schmidt from Tin Star
  • Ajax from An Odyssey: Echoes of War

Guess i have a type and that type is “Seemingly gruff and or large man who has a heart of gold and possibly some angst”

  • Herald, Fallen Hero
    I really like his romance the most. It’s so pure and healing. I do like Ortega as a character, but less as a romance option. It feels… suffocating. But it’s another story with the shark lady in the mix :face_with_hand_over_mouth: more fun and kisses, less baggage and guilt tripping.

  • Mason, Wayhaven Chronicles
    From the least favourite to the number one spot among the 4 ROs. But actually it’s Falk that I want–

  • Gabriel, Breach
    So far it’s the one I like. Mysterious with a bit of angst. Might change when Micheal finally becomes available though. However, if we’re talking about RO as a character then Rook is definitely the best. Especially with the Rook-Bishop Duo. The world can burn and the gangs can massacre each other all they want, as long as I have them, I’m happy lol. The book would be only half as fun without them.

  • Quaiel / Gwyndal, The Shadow Society
    I like both. Both is good.

  • Raven, Triaina: Academy (WIP)
    Can’t say no to yandere.

Yep, I felt it as well. That was one of the most memorable lines EVER.

Also it seems nobody has mentioned Luis de Vega, yet? I liked him the most in Affairs of the Court. And the ending when MC later rose in power to a position of regent, and he said something like “We will hold the country together, and you will hold my heart”. That was nice. My MC was also the cunning/scheming type so they were very compatible.

Umm. Same. :speak_no_evil:

Also, this probably says a lot about me but… I wish the talking sword in Sword of the Slayer were an RO. :see_no_evil:


Herald or M. Ortega of Fallen Hero: Herald is such an adorable, healthy guy and despite the twisted dynamic of the relationship (him dating a villain he’s afraid of), the romance is really good. I also adore Ortega’s rugged thoughtfulness and charm. I can never NOT have him as an old flame.

Jun of Samurai Hyuga: I totally understand people not liking Jun but I found he worked well with my MC since she’s equally perverted and brutal in personality traits. He gets more interesting throughout Book 4. For the record, I was not even swooning for him at first. He just grew on me. I like how he shows constant physical interest in my ronin, like pulling her close to him in public places. Toshio is also a fine RO. He’s the opposite of Jun and a charming second love for MC to pursue, bringing out the best in her.

Mason in Wayhaven is fun. It probably helps he focuses his shameless flirtations on MC.

Gabriel from Breach: For such a cool, mysterious man, Gabriel is ridiculously charming, lovable, and polite. My MC was ride or die with him by the end of the game and I just like how he REALLY liked my MC.