Fatehaven Testing (1+ hour demo)

Hello! This is my first choose-your-own-adventure game!

Fatehaven can be summarized as a gritty Wheel of Time, with a ton of my personal humor mixed in. We’ve got our everyday man (or woman) who is gifted/cursed with magic! His/Her life changes forever: a life jammed packed with combat and adventure and stuff.

And it’s not a short adventure either, as a typical playthrough should be slightly over four hours (depending on your reading speed of course). At the moment I have the first four chapters up on my dropbox and would appreciate any feedback you have! A disclaimer though: the story is 95% done, and so I’m mainly looking for spelling errors/clarity issues at this point. I am unable to make any large changes to the plot. Thank you for your time!


It’s really good from what I saw… After choosing my name I got an endless loading bar, but I’m fairly certain that’s my Internet connection

I like it so far, though I wish it was more obvious which stats would be checked for all the later options. I had a spell of, like, seven failures in a row because I couldn’t tell what was what and it kind of killed the fun I was having. I might also just suck at reading comprehension today.

Other than that though, this looks very good!

@MultipleChoice How did you get the game to check the highest opposed stat and use if as the soul color?

I’m still in the middle of playing, but I found a typo. Well, more like a genderswap.
“He acts on her emotions (the angry ones), while you go in afterwards to patch things over.” Bregan’s male, her - his
I’m loving it so far! I’ll let you know if I find anything else. :3

Fun game really looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Though I was able to see the pass or fail checks of my stats not sure if that was intentional. Also, during the Orc fight, things got weird it kept saying Brigid was dead, and kept referring to me as {his/her} or {MC_Man/Woman}

@Malebranche Here’s code for the Suave -> Direct opposed pair
*set suaveTEMP suave-50
*set directTEMP 50-suave

So basically if your suave is 65%, suaveTEMP is 15 and directTEMP is -15. I use this and other opposed pairs to determine what color you get.
red = faithfulTEMP + directTEMP + emotionalTEMP
blue = logicalTEMP + suaveTEMP + faithfulTEMP
green = vigilantTEMP + directTEMP + logicalTEMP
silver = emotionalTEMP + suaveTEMP + carefreeTEMP

@Lola098 Thanks a ton! Those are so tricky to catch!

@MultipleChoice I don’t follow exactly, pardon me for asking, but could you PM me the actual code “check” sample. I’ve been looking for something of the sort.

I adore this! I like that it doesn’t give you a choice to be human, haha… I mean, where’s the fun in that, right? I like the wide range of choices available for your character’s identity, though. And I like that the use of your stats and past choices isn’t so obvious (I like the aura thing especially), it kind of forces you to play honestly (though not in a bad way).

I did spot a few genderswap errors as well as codes that reveal themselves (I play a heterosexual female elf btw).

  1. After I calmed Bregan down when he had a go on Silvanus for leaving his family behind, “This was your typical stage routine with Bregan. He acts on her emotions (the angry ones), while you go in afterwards to patch things over.” Should be “he acts on HIS emotions”.

  2. After Silvanus said he’d give me a special lesson, “He catches on to your puzzled expression with an embarrassed one of her own.” Should be “with an embarrassed one of HIS own.”

  3. When Iridecsa struck me and Bregan with her sais, "Bregan picks up her longsword with his left hand, adjusting his stance. You didn’t know he was ambidextrous.

‘Idiot, I’m not! But Fates burn me alive if I go down without cutting this green bitch down first!’ He outbursts her frustrations on you, just as he so often did in the past."

The “her” in both cases should be “his”.

  1. Still in the fight with Iridecsa, she said, “‘Him? So you’re familiar with the lichspawn? Interesting…not that it matters to a dead %{MC_manwoman}’”

  2. And lastly, when I was trying to enter a stage of “complete focus” in the fight with Iridecsa, “Your magic instructor was trying to get {herhis} stubborn student to learn how to concentrate for what felt like the very first time.”

I’ll be keeping an eye on this game! Keep up the good work ;D

@FallingCups Nice catches! While it’s true Brigid gets the crap beaten out of him/her during that fight, where did it lead on that he/she was dead?

@Malebranche No problem, I’ll PM it to ya!

No problem! :slight_smile: I found another one.
“He catches on to your puzzled expression with an embarrassed one of her own.” her -his

Sorry! My internet’s a bit slow, so I didn’t see Cray’s post.

@CrayFoPottah Fates burn me alive, I didn’t playtest the hetero female nearly enough! Great catches!

I liked it especially how long it was

I really enjoyed it, it is a really good story and it has some fun humor nice characters.
The writing style is good though with some of the conversations I have to read it a couple times to understand.
But overall I really like this and so does everybody else that reads this, atleast, I hope so.

I enjoyed it very much I like the humor. I got green in my playthrough

I really like the game did any one get a color other then green or blue

I got red first, silver the second time.

The game is entertaining, but not really my cup of tea. While the funny bits were indeed funny, they kinda pulled me out of the game a few times. Sometimes it felt like the game wanted to be a parody and other times it was completely serious and that threw me off. Then again, I generally seem to dislike humour in games like these (god knows why), so I might just be biased.

I got Silver, then Blue, then Red. Red was surprising, since I did things almost identical to the Blue game…

It’s kinda fun, but there seems to be very little replay value so far.

Huh this is actually pretty interesting. Is lightning one of the elements you can get? How’s progress on the rest of the story?