Fantasy Calendar

Hello everyone!! So we’re world-building right now for ‘Across the Sky and Seas.’

Team SNK want to create a fantasy calendar for the game, so are looking for good ideas.

The world of Atlas is a much bigger world than our Earth. Hence 13 months in a year but 30 days each month.

We also plan to have a month that is considered unlucky. Like in our world, we have Friday the 13th. Now make that for a whole month.

Suggestions please! Whoever comes up with the best idea, we’ll credit it in the story and write him as a historian.

Think of Livy, Tacitus, Herodotus! You can be like those people in the world of Atlas!


I have one that works well with a clock embed in the code as well. Can mod fairly simple for your game.

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Can we see how it will look like?

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Yep just go to my old demo for my game
Just look under stats as you make choices in the game the clock will change as well as the date as the MC is jumping through time.

Edit it can handle secs, min, hours, any date range you want. The var list is not very big and fairly easy to use. I tend to put.
*set sec +1
For every choice the the player makes.

Oh it’s using the Roman Calendar system (January, February).
We are opting for real fantasy.

Like Dragon Month or something like that.

That’s what we are looking for.

No random invovled in it

All you need to do is relabel the months and I can set for how many days are in that month. Not a real problem. Can add months as well.

I wrote it to be versatile for several types of games

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Our problem right now is the labels/months itself. But we have a volunteer.

It will be cool to use your coding though.

Thanks! We just have to wait for @Xavier_Kirton to finish.

The greatness has once again showed the way! We bow down before you milord! Hahahaha…


I figure any code that can be useful should be shared amoung us CS writers. :smile:

Once you have that probly take me 30 min to modify, then can send over with full instructions for use. Not really that hard gosub_scene clock and set your var though out the game. But it is bedtime for me.

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Livy, huh? Alrighty :slight_smile:

In a land far across the sea of stars called Atlas there is an Eclipse Month where the moon (or moons, as I have been confused by personal accounts on the matter) cover the sun most of the time, and that is seen as a bad omen. During this month they avoid going out during the day, and at night the moons are absent completely, forcing the populace to carry torches and participate in organized travel. From above on my giant sky eel [the convoys] look like a Fire Drake wandering through the city.

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Actual calendar system? That’s what we are looking for. But nice story.

Like January, February, and so on but using fantasy terms.

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I was thinking of something similar! Using the Chinese Zodiac, but with alternative names for the months.

Maybe something like Lupine, Serpent, etc.

This is nice because in Chinese mythology, a banquet was held for animals to be made the year, but a cat was deceived by the mouse, so it missed the party. Hence only 12 animals made it, excluding the cat.

So, the cat was kinda unlucky. Suits your lore quite well I think. Maybe a name like Liones, etc.

Alternatively, the months are named after tarot cards, with the 13th card being death, but this may be a bit too literal.

Well you already have a system. 30 days and 13 months. I was just giving my idea for unlucky month, but as for the rest it depends. Do you want archaic names with actual meaning in a language? Or do you want months named after people/Objects? Do you need days of the weeks? Are there weeks?

We’re open to suggestions.

But if you’re going to use a language other than English, Latin is preferable. A bit of a spoiler.

Could you please list it? Like all the months?

Just months and days. Weeks are not used in the story.

The Chinese Zodiac ones? Well, I shall try to make it sound fancier, by mixing scientific names with random additions…

Rodentia (mouse), Bovilus (Ox), Tigerius (Tiger), Lepoluna (Rabbit), Wyverni (Dragon), Serpentia (Snake), Equinox (Horse), Caprinicus (Goat), Prima (Monkey), Avirie (Rooster), Lupina (Dog), Boarus (Pig), and Fely (cat).


Wow! Let me just ask my teammates what they think.

But for me, it’s good!

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Impressive, good job! :astonished:

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Check out H20 when you’re online.


Just in case, how would you like to be named in the story? H20 or your real name?

It would be an honor to be picked, but others may have better idea than mine :sweat_smile:

H2O is fine for me :wink:

Also, thank you for your kind words :blush: