Looking for professional map making


Hi everyone,
@Knightstrike, @NeoHeartless and I are currently looking for someone to conceptualise and draw a world map for a game we are making.

In exchange, the map maker will be credited, and their (legendary) name will appear in the story. :wink:


Ow I wish I had time I love to draw maps.


creates extra time.
That work? Made like an extra second for you.

Haha but really if you ever get the chance to that’d be appreciated.


I still have CScomp going on and my own rather large project cranking away at. If you do not have someone by the time comp is over I will make some time. Let me find a link to one of my maps so you know the style I do.


Here is the style


Wow! Exactly what we are looking for! A masterpiece!

I’m almost tempted to help you with whatever you need to do, so you can have time :joy:


It is no materpiece, but thank ya :smile: Still needa more work down. I draw all my maps by hand them scan them in to add all the extras.


Can you give me a doodle of what you want I may get a chance here and there but no promises of when I might get it done. If you find someone that can get done sooner I will fully understand.


Of course, thank you.

I’ll PM it to you.


I will also tell you the background of the map and the story.


@Lordirish Do you charge for making maps, or do you just do them for fun? I have (not time sensitive) need for a crackly parchment hand-drawn looking map for a future project. Do you or anyone else like to do that style?


I do not charge just ask for credit. If it is not time sensitive I do not mind adding you to the que but would understand if you find someone that can get it done sooner as, lol, it is a fairly large project I am working on for them. On top of my other things I have going on. Just pm me and well talk.


Hail Lordirish! The Lord of the Sea!

We bow down to your greatness, milord.


No need for that lol, but thank you. We all help each other when we can around here. :smile:


We are not worthy…

Anyways we really appreciate the help. Forgive @Knightstrike for his tendency to yell at people to move faster :sweat_smile:
(That was a joke. If I was serious I would be punished.)


As the song goes, ‘did I say overlord I ment protector.’