Any one good at drawing maps?

I’m trying to come up with a basic map for my Mercenary game so I can properly nail down some details for it.

I’ve been told my maps are pretty decent.
What kind of map are you looking for?

Just a simple world map that shows basic terrain of the world the player would see in the game with major cities/places marked.

Just something simple? Or would you want any artistic flourishes? (compare the maps I did for Guns of Infinity to the ones for The Hero of Kendrickstone)

while one like the hero of kendrickstone would be lovely at the moment its only so i can plan things out in my head i don’t think itd go in the game. I basically have a rough idea of where places are but having a map would help cement them in relation to each other.

So just the basics?
If you don’t mind me taking a few days to find the time, I could do it.

I have already made some maps on Fireworks/Photoshop. But I’m not the best at it;

Map 1 Map 2 Map 3

If any of these are of your liking I would be glad to help :smile:
But, I’m a bit confused, do you already have a map sketched or do you want someone to also come up with most of the shape?

I’ve got the basics in my head I know the currently unnamed world has large mountain range to the south which seperates the “Cities” and where the area the game takes place and the Asishan plains where the Barbarian clans live. I also know there is only one safe passage through the mountains which is where Laran’s Keep stands, likewise the city Valea it protects is a few days ride behind that.I know to the north is the capital city and the other main cities re either to the east and west of the capital. I’ve tried to do a basic map but it really does suck.

edit: case in point

Ah I see!

Well, I could do it if you are okay with it. What is the green thing around Tyress though?

meant to be a forest

if you and @Cataphrak would like a go you can both try two different perspectives might help. If you think the placements could be better then by all means move them around both would be helpful.

I tried playing a bit with Cartography brushes… Don’t know if its exactly what you wanted though…


That is ideal for what I need and is perfect for planning out more
thank you.

edit: This has already helped me realise that the main cities in the game are potentially too close together. Especially Nalair the Capital and Algar (which im now thinking need to be moved.) The map will help me expand the world map thanks again.