Map Making (Cartography)

Hi guys, my name is Jeffrey Ranas aka Bricksand from the Philippines and though I have a background with programming I’m more interested to pursue my interest in graphic designing. I used to focus on logo designs, brand advertising and etc…(more of a corporate approach) until recently I discovered interactive fiction novels and it sparks my curiosity since I love to read during my spare time. Anyway, I wish to offer my expertise to all aspiring authors and I believe we can always come up with a favorable arrangement…meaning very negotiable since this is not my main source of income.

Here’s one of my latest work:

I will be using this map for my first ever project WIP Uncharted Tales: Dawn of Conspiracy (Sorry I haven’t coded it yet)

On bigger scale: Vesteria

So if you need assistance you can always send a PM.



Amazing work! I definitely need to pin this so I can contact you when my novel gets further along in production! Good luck!

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Sure no problem…thank you mate…good luck with your novel. Cheers!

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Damn that map looks sick! Great work! Hope to see your work appearing in the games, you deserve it

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You are good! That map looks so nice, I must remember this thread as well!

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That’s inkarnate.

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Thanks mate


Thank you.

Yeah Inkarnate alright, i know that. I used it to make a map or two for Equia. However free is really limited.

Honestly if you want to deal with this, my advice is get a software called Wonderdraft, it’s perfect for stuff like this.

Around $30 i think. At least i don’t have to worry about commercial usage since i bought the software and license with it, using Inkarnate is great, but i don’t think it’s allowed to use the maps from there in games here that are paid for without buying commercial license or something.

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Yep you are right inkarnate have issues with IPR…and free version is very limited…i didn’t renew my pro subscription. I already have wonderdraft quite easy to use compare to other tools but still limited when it comes to add-ons…overall still amazing.


Limited when it comes to add-ons yeah. Not that much out there, or at least i didn’t find many websites that provide such.

Bought a few myself, but yeah. Overall at least you can avoid issues with commercial stuff. :slight_smile:

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I fully agree but a lot of development underway and I can sense it will give a great advantage considering it’s still less than 2 years in the market…cheers bro! Thanks.

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