[For Hire] Mapmaking and cover illustration

Hi guys! I’m here to introduce both myself and my partner (with her express permission) as your potential allies in the visual aspect of your game.

Cover illustration: Wowlart (Paula Wong)

Wowlart is a Peruvian-Chinese illustrator specializing in traditional watercolors. Her style varies in color schemes and is heavy in composition elements, and she is particularly fond of religious imagery. You can check out her stuff on her Instagram, and contact her for commissions by messaging her there or on her Facebook page.

Mapmaking: It is I, Robb!

I’m a Peruvian dude who’s fond of drawing fantasy maps. I also use traditional materials, particularly fineliners and sometimes brush pens, and can do any level of detail. You can check out my stuff and my prices on my Fiverr! A sample below:

Thanks for lending your attention to us, and happy writing!