Free map creation tools?

Anyone know of any easy map creation tools for the very artistically-challenged? :slight_smile: I do really like the one here but I can’t for the life of me get labels to appear! :disappointed_relieved:

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When you click on “add label” a rectangle appears on the left side of the map, it’s quite hard to see since it uses the same color as the grid

I use inkarnate whenever i need to draw a map for a rpg campaign, but it’s free for personal use only so if your game gets published (i am assuming it’s for a CS game you are creating) you need to sign up for the pro version


Thanks for that! For whatever reason I couldn’t get text to appear within the labels so I ended up using inkarnate, which was great! I’ll just have to use the maps I created as a placeholder until I can find another solution someday. :sweat_smile: It was really easy and intuitive though, and looked great!

For anyone who’s interested, Azgaar’s generator also looks great, but takes more tinkering around with!

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