Fan text based mmo that is like fallout

Hi who here would like to make a game just like fallout, that is a text mmo. This would be a fan colaboration, but it uses the same type of machanics, with choicescript. We will need to help each other create the overall plot all the side missions, the stats the crafing system, everything that we see as fallout. Except for combat will not be the same as fallout, and it will be our own story, and under a different name. But it will be a game for people who can not only play the game in there down time, but also for blind people. Because I’m blind and I probably have almost all the choice of games, games. And the reason that I do is because choice of games, allows blind people to be a gamer and be apart of the gaming community. So who’s with me on this idea!

@adamthecowdog I understand your goal here, and I respect it. However, I don’t think that anyone is going to want to partner with you until you demonstrate that you have something to bring to the table. Before trying to launch these grand ideas, make a game yourself. Once you’ve made a game and you have a track record, then you’ll have some credibility. Right now, you don’t.