Fallen Hero: Retribution release thread! (Book Two) (Spoilers Inside!)

That can be overcame by maintaining the sapience of the human mind, regardless of what animal forms you shapeshift into.

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I wouldn’t say dead-dead. Some part of Ace has to be alive in there somewhere because the way their body reacts when you run into Shroud at the casino suggests they’re still alive or at least some fragment of them is still lying dormant in there and is somewhat aware of what’s going on.


It’d be cool as an active ability. I think being able to turn it on and off is the only way one would stay sane. Poor Sidestep’s telepathy is passive


Really the only way, but irl it would most likely be a passive power like in Fallen Hero because lets be real, how do you even turn it on and off in the first place?

Ortega’s reaction to it made me laugh.

I wonder how long in the book 3 Step will be able to keep this lie. Another lie…


@malinryden Seems like I stumbled upon a bug in my playthrough.

Sidestep is a known telepath and went to the meeting but didn’t shake hands with HG until the meeting was over. Text seems to jump to the scene where Sidestep has already shook hands at the beginning of meeting.


All I have to say is…LADY ARGENT LADY ARGENT LADY ARGENT!! Lol She didn’t get hardly enough shine. The amount of anxiety I felt as MC showed her his identity was crazy. All with a smile on his face too.

Also, No lie, I cried. I chose Max damage; when choosing to crash the car. But when MC said it was his chance to take out the puppet and Ortega all at once- I was totally caught off guard. I’m like…wait…Ortega too MC? I thought I killed that man !!:sob: Although my MC is Ruthless Killer, Me as the reader grew attached to Sparkles…My MC on the other hand could switch up on him quicker than a snicker. I was so relieved that he was alive. Too bad Dr. took Valentine though(my puppet)

I can’t wait for more. I am about to replay and see if i can go for steel. I don’t think he’d expect MC to like him at all.


Lol so I decided to replay AGAIN and experiment a little bit this time. I wanted to see if anything happened if we basically made our puppet our twin and to my surprise; It’s an achievement!! I love that!! Writers who take the time to add small details as such, always have my extra appreciation honestly.

Name(s)- Silo and Silo
Both Latino, with Blue eyes, short curly brown hair and short Stature.


It’s not just achievement; it gets mentioned a number of times in the game, and confuses the hell out of some people (mostly Ortega)


Welp now i gotta relay to get this flavour text, ah the beauty of detailed writing and replay value🙏


Man, the fact that Sidestep can feel that the act of killing is one of self-determination and of personal agency saddens me greatly…


I recommend you wait till the next update, it’ll be a big one not just bug fixes but more stuff added in that’ll fill up some loose ends and empty variables in Retribution


Do we know when this update is supposed to be?

Nope, I am partway through, but very busy at work. Last day is 31 may, so much to wrap up in paperwork next week. But now I will have time to work full time on my own projects, and this is near the top of the list!


:+1: Thanks for the answer.

So, my bday gift from the world will be you having more time to devote to your projects?



I may or may not be obsessively playing this over and over yet too terrified to make a full villain playthrough. cant wait to see what happens in the next one. :smiley:


Nice don’t worry take your time we can wait


Wait we’re getting an update? What game update are we getting?

Yeah Rebirth is getting a big update basically a Quality of Life update that gives more rat king interactions, the ability to give Argent our cape and other stuff that’ll fill the missing gaps in Retribution. Details are little on patreon but the update is underway just gotta wait now