Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions

I honestly don’t know off the top of my head, but I believe Malin did say maxing would be possible in later installments. Two of my Steps end Rebirth with both telepathic categories around 71%, and they’re both hands-on with using them in combat, so it may be related to practice. Maybe someone else on here can elaborate more.


I get it…
trying to stop him/her using subtle manipulation puts it from 69 to 72 then trying to use force of mind puts it from 60 to 64 than the trauma of heartbreaks telepathy jumpstarts it to 71…


So you can break his legs if you have the strength upgrade or if you make him suffer?

It’s been a long time since I read the code, but I believe if you have the strength upgrade he gets seriously injured. You can tell if you did it right* if there is a scene with him and Ortega at the end where he is doing physical therapy.

*you villain


Yes I have found that scene now
It seems the only way to break heralds leg is to humiliate him…Pity…
Thank you…!

*Its necessary evil
Teaching a young kid how the world truly is without the idealistic lenses
And preventing him from thinking like Ortega so he dosen’t get himself and others pulverized

This may be a dumb question, but I’ve played Rebirth about 40 times and somehow saw a scene for the first time. I have no idea what I did. Does anyone know how I got this Dr. Mortum epilogue scene?


53 AM

What did I trigger and how on earth did I manage to go so long without finding it?

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I think you trigger it by having a frosty or bussiness asociate relationship with the good doctor…

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You have to dodge all these checks: having argent sample, suit wear >= 30, flirting with Mortum, being friends with them.


I thought it depended just on your relationship with doctor Mortum?

Well it does, but before it gets to the relationship check you have to not have the sample and not be too beat up, otherwise it triggers different scenes, and you only have one with Mortum in the epilogue.

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Fallen hero rebirth telepathy guide:
-I am cleverer than she.I run her body,but trap her mind:+10 subtlety
-I try for my best impersonation of argent:+2 subtlety
-I encourage him to remember this slight:+5 subtelty
-No,I can handle this:+5 force
-Yes,I am still a telepath:+9 force, +6 subtlety
-No, I am too clever to let this happen,my mind is my own:+2 subtlety
-I can’t do this,I feint instead,bringing the fight to them:+3 force
-No stop this now this is not me:+6 force
-I dive deep—Head straight to my goal:+2 force
-I use my telepathic abilities to make them shoot each other(requirements: telepathic boosters+ avoiding the"I want to draw blood"dialouge option otherwise it just gives infamy):+5 subtlety
-Last time I didn’t have telepathic powers this strong:+4 subtlety(requirements:telepathic boosters)
-I will go and check on Ortega(requirements:status hurt or better)–(I will sneak the puppet out of the hospital):+5 force(requirements:60+villany/ruthlessness)
End result:
Strength of Mind:80%
Subtle Manipulations:84%

P.S:This was also my first playthrough where I was able to name my mc Sidestep


thanks! i never got those stats so high!

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Minmax + missable achievements guide: here.

Note it’s a WIP and might take a while.
Update 1: Chapter 1 is completed.
If anyone wants to proof read my current work I can PM them the Ch1 script


Good job, keep it up!

Besides humiliating him, is there any other way to break heralds knee?

Thx. Chapter 1 of 12 is almost done. I need to check if a few switches affect later chapters before I move on though.
Edit: Apparently the sexuality switch can hide choices at least once. Should have seen this coming. X_X

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Only I’ll make this painful; I want him to suffer. triggers the Herald_hurt switch

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Really ohhh :frowning:
The achivement for hurting him was called piece of cake no? Or did I get them mixed?

I am not sure about the achievement titles. In the script, achievements are not referenced by name. E.g. The Josua (police captain) related one is called “plot2”. I just mentioned the choice that triggers Herald’s injury. Perhaps the achievement you are talking is about making Herald afraid.

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