Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion


Lol I’m sorry, dear. It seems this thread as had an the reverse effect in killing you instead of giving you life. My apologies, friend.


–reads thread—

Some interesting theories here!

Also, I don’t want to make people disappointed, but this is book 1 out of 3. You’re not going to get closure now, this is just the beginning. If you played the various late-stage demos, you know the basic outlines of book 1. As a first time author for Choice of Games, I’ve had pretty much the complete game up for playtesting because that’s how it’s done. For the next time, I’ll probably have a lot more closed playtesting so there will be more surprises for people. (Yes, I am terrified of disappointing people).

That being said, Argent and Herald are now official RO’s of book 2, with Steel there will be the possibility of a friendship arc, still unsure whether that will get romantic or wait until book 3.

Fallen Hero 2 Theories and Wishlists

To be honest, I have no idea with Steel’s character yet since I wasn’t able to get far in the demo but he caught my eye so I am hoping of my MC could romance them. XD


OMG, MY COMRADE! i’m glad you’re with me. :heart_eyes:
and your theory on puppet! wow, that could be a very twist reveal if it’s true.


Well if I die it’s going to be because BP, Wayhaven, and Fallen Hero have decided to triple-team me in the span of a few weeks and then putting me in a gravestone with the hype and feelings

Honestly the bar for me is really just seeing how Ortega and the MC’s relationship unfolds for B1 since right now it seems like the most “meaningful” (for the lack of a better term) relationship – I mean they have a history together, and may or may not have been romantic, but at the very least very platonic


What is BP? (blablah 20 characters)


Don’t mention it, for some reason the romance connection with Ortega isn’t happening for me and my mc. Like I said my mc would maybe (have liked to) consider(s) them family, in a different life. But he was never in love or lust with them.

Well think about it, I find the puppet to be rather too convenient, why would the hospital waste a bed and precious and very expensive life-support equipment, on a young coma patient who doesn’t seem to have any family and has never gotten so much as a single visitor? It would seem to make more sense to use a young brain dead person like that to harvest their organs and then let them die, were I an economical hospital director on the New West Coast in the setting. The fact that this isn’t happening likely means the hospital was paid very handsomely to make it so by someone who doesn’t care to visit and show their face.
American hospitals are not charities and they seem to be even less so in this alternate universe, particularly on the dog eat dog new west coast. In addition the puppet is also young, cute and of the mc preferred gender, making it nearly irresistible for the mc to want to crawl into their seemingly vacant skin. In short the puppet just appears to be too good to be true and if things appear that way they usually are. I bet there is going to be a big catch with the puppet later on and them being one of the “bad” guys seems most likely to me at this point. Maybe they’re even part of the Farm too and this is a perverse “field” test to see how strong the mc’s powers have gotten by now.


god damn it…


Amidst the chaos, there was a light. Among the devastation, a hope. Against the darkness, it arose, to show us de way.


Next week guys! Next week!!!


Malin is true queen but who is de Commander?


Idk ,probably rat king. (Also the most unappreciated character in my opinion)


Same, he is (they are?) Commander material.

I also regard him well in the “Hopefully Potential Future Members of MC’s Makeshift Family” standing along with the Puppet.


Sounds like a weird family pet. I dig it. The telepathic megalomaniac, the poor puppet who has little idea of what’s happening, and rat-king sitting on a fishbowl on the counter. You are all settled in on the couch for a family fun night, munching away on tacos(Or whatever puppets and rat brains eat) getting settled in to watch the 11’o Clock news for your latest escapade against the rangers. All of you share a laugh while watching Herald fly into the side of a building narrowly missing you. Life is good.

but for how long?


!!! I am !!! Excited !!!

(as you can probably tell by the excessive amount of exclamation points, aha)


I can’t wait for this game. Even if the content is the same as when it was a free demo, I’d still be satisfied. This is looking like it’s gonna be one of the best releases yet.


Indeed, I’ll end up as broken as our MC, I suspect - soaring in the clouds and stuck in the sewers. It will be just a little bit totally insanely awesome. :grin:


5 days. 5. Days. I don’t think I can make it.


You can do it. You can hold on. We can all hold on together.


Yeeee 4 more days! Just finished wayhaven so now I’m looking forward to this!! Gonna get my tissues ready. My mc is gonna be so torn! :sob: