Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion


Was scrolling through tumblr then this happened

So now here are my hopes for what an Ortega romance might look like as an end game if the MC decides to go back to the hero business but of course 10x more dramatic and angsty and feels-y and gosh I just really got hit by a truck load of feelings I wasn’t ready for


I need my fix. I thought Wayhaven would calm me down but it’s made it worse. The excitement is the bane of my existence.


Holdfast brethren, we will prevail.:triumph:
@squarelyblue I found that story this morning!!! Ugh my heart…


I’m so excited!! Ive recommended Fallen Hero to atleast 5 people now, and I just adore teasing them about all the stuff that could happen considering they missed the demo. Oh, and that story was absolutely wonderful!! Definitely gave me some MC/Ortega feels.


I feel excited for this as well even though I haven’t played the demo much because it was taken down. (。ŏ_ŏ) And with all your enthusiastic posts, this games seems promising.


That was… beautiful.


I just found this page. Yes!!! Four more days


Im already fading away


Just throw me in a river of feelings because in a few days that’s where I’ll be



no. live on to see the games that us deceased wont be able to see…fades away


I never played the demo (it seems to be taken down by now), what is this game like?
You have to play as a villain?


Yes. From what I gather, you are a former hero that turns into a villain.


You start as a former hero who has turned villain, but what you end up is on you, though iirc this will be a series so don’t know if you can change back to hero in first game itself or not.


Why did you have to become a villain?


This is an earlier summary I made of the game @Frogs

Hope it helps!


just believe me when i said you will surprisingly enjoy your role as a villain in this game :wink: (the kind who do cruel things or not)


Oh it could be interesting then, usually I don’t like being a villain and the only game I liked from this type was the WIP called Villain: The Catalyst
I didn’t get past the demo in Diabolical/Grand Academy and didn’t like them that much.
Do you have any other powers except telepathy? And is your character strong in general or weak?



The game is very different in tone from Diabolical and Grand Academy. It’s, uhm, more serious? And even kinda bleak? I don’t know.That’s just the way I see it.

To answer your question:

The MC can read & influence minds and even mind control. The mind control part is kinda like transferring (?) your consciousness on the other person’s mind. You’re a gifted telepath and it’s implied that your power only got stronger over the years. Physically, you aren’t very strong BUT you can take control of very strong characters. As a former superhero, you’re not helpless in physical fights since you got some moves too. It’s just not your specialty.


What will happen to the person you’d take control over? Would you both share the same body or you’d control it alone? What will happen to their mind afterwards? Will it get damaged?
Also do people have resistance against these powers?


Well the mc has let themselves go a bit physically (spending most of their time keeping the puppet very fit), maybe we get a chance to rectify that later on. I personally hope I can get the mc into a bit better physical shape before starting to romance Herald at the very least.
Even if we have to steal a prototype passive exercise machine designed for astronauts and coma patients to give their muscles some stimulation and ideally a workout while they’re sleeping or unconscious.