Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion


Omg, this is so funny! I can’t imagine their reaction! But it also feels good that if we treated the puppet nicely, then we could actually have a chance to have an accomplice who we can rely on, especially if puppet remembers our thoughts while we were using their body.

Your theories always surprise me and they make me want to play the game so bad!


Ok… how did you not seriously injure Ortega in the fight? I must’ve tried ten different times and I kept trying to not hurt them but every single time I did. I’m pretty sure I was just doing something wrong but it made me feel super guilty each time because I didn’t want to hurt them. :frowning: I mean at least I got to kiss them on the forehead afterwards but I’d rather just, y’know, find a way to not injure them so terribly from the get-go.

Yeah, especially since they wouldn’t wake up in the hospital but in some random apartment that they don’t know (I don’t… think this is a spoiler? It’s mentioned pretty early on and isn’t presented as a big reveal but, uh, better safe than sorry?)

The most confusing wake-up call that person had probably ever had, aha.

Yeah! I always imagined that one of my MCs always felt slightly guilty using this random person’s body, so they do their best to not go crazy with the puppet or do anything that could get them badly hurt. (Like putting them somewhere safe before the bomb in the museum went off. It’s also another reason why that MC will never romance anybody with the puppet- A: They’re not them and that’s a whole barrel of bees in and of itself if someone were to fall in love with them but not them. B: That’s not the MCs body, and they don’t want to treat it like such.)

I blame the fact that there’s so much that we want to know because there’s been these little breadcrumbs scattered about and I will get to the bottom of these mysteries eventually. (And by eventually I mean maybe March 15th if that’s still the tentative release date… I mean I have no doubt that malinryden will also bring up a whole new crop of mysteries for me to obsess over so it’s time to bring out the newspaper clippings, cork-board wall, and red string.)


They are! It’s one of the many reasons why they’re my OTP. :smiley: I think I picked the hug option which has a kind of sad/bittersweet feel to it (at least in MC’s internal monologue).


The entire relationship in the game is gonna be bittersweet, you have this person who cares immensely for you and you put on a mask and kick there teeth in and then have to got kiss the wounds better. If steel ever finds out he’s gonna kill the MC with his bare hands. And my character had to go in for the kiss on account of how bad she felt about the broken ribs.

I still wanna see how Herald fared after the fight, It felt so good kicking his smug face in, then hearing about how he idolized the mc before their death. Oh my heart, like can I get them a fruit basket or something, I honestly feel so bad


omg, now i feel so bad :fearful: now, i will end up remembering what you said every time i try to romance using puppet. :confounded: my finger will be stuck and won’t move. ugh. it’s actually horrifying and disgusting now that you mention it.



Now with an Extra side of guilt.


Discord changed recently so that spoilers only work one paragraph at a time I find.

So you’d have to do

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if you’re doing multiple paragraphs. (With the brackets, of course)

Also thanks for that sum up of the relationship that breaks my heart once more. :broken_heart:

:stuck_out_tongue: Just another layer of angst and drama that’s already on this wonderfully crafted drama layer-cake.


Overall it is kind of horrible when you think about the puppet and the entire situation. And I think @malinryden does a great job showing the MC wonderfully rationalizing their actions, you know like “it’s better that I can put the puppet to use, instead of them rotting away in a hospital bed” etc., but the truth is, they are body-riding a helpless stranger without their consent. And when you play as the MC (and possible also because it is a game), you might not actually think about, that what you’re doing is pretty much the same thing as a people-possessing demon in a fantasy world/game. It’s just so much easier to kind of…forget that, when you are inside the head of the person doing the possession.


All this talk about the puppet makes me wonder if I’m the only one that’s not worried about them regaining consciousness. Yeah there’s the potential for things to go sideways but there’s just as much a chance for things to turn out well and I’m hoping that the a real friendship or at least mutually beneficial partnership can be born.

Also, am I the only one concerned about the Rat King? Not the Rat King themselves, but the fact that someone created telepathically linked rat brains and the MC is a telepathic and people normally do animal testing before moving to human trials!!!


I’m super worried about the puppet regaining consciousness, and then absolutely hating us. And if they have Mortum on their side? Yikes. I’ve also thought about the Rat King just kind of being a prototype. Maybe that’s why the MC escaped? They do mention a few times (that I can remember) that they were just supposed to be weapon.


I hope so too. I really want mc and puppet friendship! My mc really needs someone they can trust and I feel like puppet is potentially the best person to rely on if two have good relationship.


I’m hoping the bond reaches family level because it would be hella great for both the MC’s goals and sanity if there were someone else beside them through thick and thin.


And then there’s me who would most likely kill off the puppet if they ever gained consciousness -_- (assuming it was suddenly and the MC somehow didn’t notice any stirrings of consciousness in the puppets brain. If the MC ever slowly felt the puppet regaining consciousness, I’m not quite sure yet what I would do, which would also be in-character).

Also, if they ever got consciousness, their brain might have taken some damage from being long-term hijacked by the MC, can’t imagine that being very healthy in the long run. :confused:

EDIT: And regarding the rat king, I’m not super worried about that, what I am worried about is the people from the Farm catching MC…I mean, even thought I can’t remember if we got actual confirmation or anything, they at least seem to already have performed experiments on the MC in the past. Whether it was “just” experimentations or if they outright created MC and then performed experiments, we’ll see.^^


YES! :smile: that’s so great, especially since i don’t think mc has a family. so at the end of the books, if puppet becomes a family to mc, then i would cry in happiness, especially because there is a possibility that puppet also doesn’t have their own family. :sob:


Frankly am wondering if/when Ortega finds out if forgiveness and moving forward for the MC is possible regarding their relationship

Well yeah I know depends on the playstyle but I wonder if there is a line even Ortega is just “I can’t forgive you for that”

And how much O knows about the Farm and their feelings about it if they find out about what it did to the MC and if they regard it as a personal failure


Well I did like to pick Herald as my mc’s rival during the demo. Combination of lust and jealousy mainly cause Herald is everything he wanted to be but isn’t. :sweat_smile:

Wait what we can romance the guy, is this only for women or for everybody? I kinda thought he was in an unbreakable bond with that super strong lady hero whose name eludes me? :confused:

Any links for the digital dinosaurs like me?

The puppet being the villain pulling the strings from behind the back all along, or well at least one of the villains, since they cannot be as old as the farm, unless their young appearance is yet another power.

I guess I’m one of the few who feels like Ortega is more of a big brother/sister then?
Always try to romance the good doctor with my puppet though.

Epilepsy, among other weird stuff going on in their brain, basically they’re not neurotypical in a way that interferes with the mc’s telepathy powers making their thoughts into static for them. Maybe the mc can one day learn to adapt to it, since they can deal with other non-neurotypical people just fine or maybe they never will. Either way Ortega’s mind and its workings are, for the moment at least, an enigma. An enigma my mc would be dedicating more time to deciphering if he wasn’t so damned busy with everything else.

I still think that Steel isn’t one of the good guys, at least not completely. Since he’s their link to the shadowy government who presumably run the Farm. I get the feeling that if he knew the mc is a product of the Farm he’d do everything and fully collaborate with the government to capture the mc and have them taken back there.

You’re not alone, although I didn’t even think Herald was an option, certainly not for male mc.

MC doesn’t have family considering their background or at least not family worth knowing, since they are highly likely to be a clone or other artificial being from that Farm and therefore government “property”. Even if they did have family then they presumably either voluntarily gave them up to that place or are dead. Either way they’d be dead and of no consequence to my mc.

I don’t think they know anything since I doubt the mc would have volunteered any information about that and they don’t seem to be as involved with the new US government as Steel is. Which again means that Steel is the primary threat, at least to my mc and at least for book 1.


There’s not too much on the tumble but maylin does make a few posts about lore and about the world through answerd questions.

in reply to your steel being a behind the scenes bady ,Ortega does comment that steel is better at acquiring funds for more upgrades in the Rangers, A money trail seems likely to come from those associated with the farm.

Also I believe Maylin is still somehat up in the air about the whole Herald romance.


I wonder how Locus ties in to all this. Remember her? The high level telepathic heroine that suddenly and conveniently disappeared so we put the blame for Argent’s mind control on her?

If the Rat King was potentially just a test for later human trials, I can’t help but wonder if Locus, a high level telepath, disappearing has anything to do with to do with this.


Malin has hinted at a Herald romance in Book 2.


She disappeared I think a month or so before the plan goes into effect with argent. And the rat king was still a thing back when you were fighting beside Ortega over ten years prior, I suspect you’re one of the few people privy to this info due to your past.

And good I have more to look forward to now now that herald is on the roster maybe for book two.


I believe her name was argent, and no the relationship is just for show from what I gathered from the demo, sounds like he might like it to be. but she’s just not having into him(Probably due to his acute awareness of relationships and feelings!))


Ugh. I hope the game releases on time since the hype is killing me

I just really want all the angst at this point – extra points if it’s Ortega angst and Ortega relationship angst

“I am with you until the end of the line” or some variant please