Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion


I don’t think Mortum is Locust. Weirdly I think Mortum might be one of the most honest characters in terms of being who they say they are- a sort of “mad scientist”. Although those hints at their past that we get do hint at a darker background, if I remember correctly- or maybe even having been someone else’s assistant before taking the reins themself? I wonder who that other someone is… I doubt it’s entirely tied to the MCs past as then they might’ve recognized them since they even recognized the voice of the person answering the call… but who knows? I’ve already dug a deep rabbit hole- what’s another mile underground?


First of all THANK all of you for friggin’ breaking me in the middle of one of my classes when I pulled this thread up and saw all the MC possible funeral bits. Cause Mama ortega and friggen’ Ortega at the funeral of probably the most isolated person ever. These aren’t tears, my soul is just leaking. (Though no, really, I love it in the whole oh god that hurts but what if that was what happened and that was a good part of what sent Ortega to therapy on top of his other stress and trauma from the whole event. And poor sweet Mama Ortega. I’m going to cry if she was legit like a mother figure to the MC. I am. I will need a box of tissues and the need to call her mom. Even in the non romance paths.)

Though guys, Guys, Mortum’s romance path though. I’m just saying, from what we’ve seen out of them. Am I the only one seeing the whole who the MC is really reveal is going to be mortum going to kill the unconscious MC thinking they are going to free the MC they are involved with and just that dramatic moment of Puppet MC bash in screaming “Wait that’s me!!!”


omg, yes! :joy:

though i have a feeling at that point, puppet would pretty much have gained back at least some control/consciousness of their own body.


The Hole starts here.

But yeah it’s just a possible theory, I don’t trust Maylin not to leave things lying under our noses. Some of the hints are probably inside the demo, hense why I wanted a few more cracks at the demo.


I swear everywhere @RenaB goes a fandome rabbit hole starts. Soon it will become a pit and then a void within a pit and so on and so on.


Good thing I absolutely adore Alice in Wonderland.


I mean- this game is easily fadom hole-able- so… It was always coming :stuck_out_tongue:

Buddy I don’t know about you but with all these theories and excitement running around my head I’m already in the void.


I remember reading your theories on the old thread and just absolutely loving them. I was a bit too shy to make an account then, but I’m grateful that I’m apart of the community now! I can’t wait for all the books to come out and for your theories to actually all be true…


I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that, dear.

CoG is one of the most inclusive communities I’ve seen. It’s beautiful and I’m glad you chose to be a part of it.


Ooh, if we’re talking about Mortum’s possible backstory, my theory is that Mortum was involved with the Farm/government and would recognise the MC if they ever saw them, and my theory on why they seem to know Ortega ties in very deeply my theory about who betrayed the MC to the government/Farm.

By which I mean the MC’s belief it was Steel is such a clear red herring and I worry slash hope that the character I believe did it accidentally, which is mainly because I don’t believe that character would knowingly be involved with something like that and also to slightly save both mine and my MC’s poor hearts whenever the reveal happens.

@Perch, it’s wonderful you’ve made an account? Ngl, I think I actually originally made this account because the Fallen Hero demo was so amazing I just had to comment (and also theorise like a mad person, which is another reason why I love this game).


I personally hope the puppet wont ever gain consciousness. Player-wise it would most of all annoy me to no end, and to me, would mostly feel like drama for dramas sake. I mean, if they woke up, I feel like the MC would either kill them or try to make them dissappear and it would overall end up either derailing the entire main plot of the story or just feel like an annoying chore to get over with, imo. I think it’s far more interesting (also drama-wise) already, with the whole thing with the MC and their feelings about literally living a double life. And adding romances just increased the potential drama so much.^^ Which is why I’m on the fence about romancing Mortum with the puppet (while it’s full on Ortega for the MC). It’s honestly a great romance, but it’s also such a dangerous mess for the MC, especially when Mortum starts believing the puppets “boss” tried to kill them


huh, i never thought it that way. i guess you have a point.

then we could just go with semi-consciousness? :sweat_smile: because i feel like the puppet would have important information that we need and how easily we can get that information depends on our relationship with puppet/treatment of puppet.

and we could get an option later in the books, if we want to give puppet back full control of their own body?


Yeah, because I played a shameless/self-destructive MC who flirted w both Ortega and Mortem as puppet full well knowing the possible implications, I’m really interested in seeing a MC who hits an all-new low if the puppet regains consciousness and now holds both RO’s hearts. It’ll be a more direct, intimate (?) betrayal that MC will have to live with bc they basically brought this upon themselves, but at the same time ugh the angst. On the other hand a semi-conscious puppet who maybe even begins to become a threat to MC would be cool to see too… I’d love to see them team up w Mortem for example against MC.


Cue elmo.gif

Here I am ready to serve some angst.

Honestly though I’m not over the kiss if the MC and Ortega were sorta a thing in the past. Like holy crap the weakness for reuniting them – THE HOSPITAL SCENE OH MY WORD – like gosh just dump me in the ocean of feelings please


Whole yes to this! I want to see lowest mc and puppet teaming up with Mortum against mc! It gives strong karma plot and actually see our consequences of our actions coming to bite us. Most of all, it will make us a true villain at that point. And I want to have an option where we’re truly a villain.


If the puppet actually survived.

In-game and RP-wise, my MC is as much an anti-villain as possible and her entire arch is basically her in the mindset of " I don’t want to go dowm this path, but I feel like I have no other choice if I have to take down the corrupt goverment". Buut she is not in the best place mentally and honestly, I think the puppet waking up and posing such a high risk towards something she has spend a decade on would break her, and the puppet would be dead before teaming up with anyone, or even knowing what was going on.

From the player-angle, I would, if I’m 100% honest, probably be so freaking annoyed with it that I would restart, then not choose any romances, friendships or significant interactions for the puppet, before then killing her off. :confused:


If the puppet ever woke up I would probably try and convince them continue through with what they were doing on the grounds that they are now gonna be recognized by most of the henchman in the city. I mean they already have an apartment, a job, and good connections in the community. Maybe I’m being a little optimistic in hopeing that I could make amends with them for stealing their body, but I would still feel it should at least give me an option to try to explain and apoligize .


Aww, yay! I’m glad someone gets a kick outta the craziness I manage to dig up outta here. (Just y’all wait till the first book comes out because I swear I’m going to write a thesis paper on my theories at that point in time… probably after I finish crying because I also wholly anticipate to start crying.)

Yeah, what @Kattz said! This place has an amazing community- so, (a little belated but) welcome!

Alright now you sparked a very weird thought that could honestly just be me misremembering the demo so take it with even more grains of salt than you would my normal theory rambling. What is Mortum is Anathema? This is obviously one of my most insane theories yet but I vaguely remember noticing that Anathema was one of the characters who seemed to switch genders depending on the MCs choices? At least I feel like there was one character where, when replaying with my different MCs, I noticed changed genders along with Ortega and Mortum and I feel like maybe that was them? (Though maybe I’m thinking of Rosie/Boris and getting myself all confused). And if so then maybe Anathema is kinda like the MC and didn’t really die- or did maybe kinda die and there was some whole weird thing going on with the Farm there because honestly who knows what they’re capable of at this point? In which case their whole ‘working with someone else’ could be a lot like the MCs dark past, but maybe because they weren’t telepathic like the MC, and the telepathy part seemed pretty important from what I remember, they ended up… somewhere different? Hmm… I’m just throwing pasta against the wall at this point but I guess we’ll see what sticks, eh?

You just had to bring up the hospital scene, didn’t you?

I am… still not ok. I’m not over that. It was so, so good. Especially the little kiss on the forehead choice I mean I know we had the option to actually kiss Ortega but ugh, that choice won out my heart before stabbing it with a spear.

As for the whole puppet waking up issue- I’d actually be pretty intrigued if they did wake up. I feel like it’d be an interesting character either way and also just imagine this poor sap waking up in the middle of this chaos wondering what they heck their unconscious body got into during all this time- now they’re suddenly a part of a supervillain’s plan…? What…?


I don’t remember being able to kiss Ortega on the forehead, but I sure am picking it when the game comes out. :smiley: It’s more fitting with my MC, since she’s currently about as skittish as a small bird, runs on stress and low confidence, and is overall terrible at admitting and facing her own feelings. So outright kissing would simply be too much for her. Like their argument in the park, Ortega will probably have to treat MC pretty careful, like she’s about to panic and bolt at any moment… Because she probably is. :confused:


The kiss on the forehead scene is really adorable, I believe you only get the chance if you seriously injure Ortega in the fight. You give a sly comment on his half stache and while you’re leaving I think the choices where kiss him straight up, peck him on the forehead, or just hug him. When you kiss him on the forehad he blashes and jokes about you missing his lips and the entire thing just melted my heart cause they’re so cute and awkward . :sob::sob::sob: