Fables: Part I V.0.06 [42k Words, 8/4/17] *Abandoned*

i found an error (prologue line 2760: Non-existent variable ‘bckgrnd_fam_mid’)

I’ll be lurking round this WIP for awhile, I like the customization. Good story so far as well good work.

prologue line 2760: Non-existent variable ‘bckgrnd_fam_mid’

Kinda wish we had more info on the races before choosing…

No offense, I haven’t played since I mentioned it. I mainly use Chrome.

Maybe you can try using CSIDE or Notepad++? I’ve never used Sublime, but I’ve never had an issue with either of these. Personally I’d recommend CSIDE since it’s specifically for choicescript (you can also run tests easily with CSIDE and catch a lot of those errors you’re getting). It seems crazy to have to use all those line breaks just to write a parapgraph. :grimacing:


I thought the author told us plenty before allowing us to make the final decision…unless there is something more specific you’re after.

I think it’s interesting that depending on your background, you might end up 5 siblings or all alone. Makes me wonder if your siblings will drop off the face of the Earth or will they still be relevant later.

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@Scorpio00 The first release of the demo didn’t have any info on the race when you picked it. Good to see it’s been added.

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Ah. That makes sense.

Hey, all! Quick thing, I’m going to Comic Con this weekend and I won’t be around from Friday to Monday, (I’m staying in California for an extra day.) I’ll add in an update for bug fixes and extra bits and pieces before I go Thursday night.

I did check, Aesop’s Fables are public domain. In any case, the fables are only quoted in the game.

Here’s a small bio I wrote of her. v
Atlas is one to play her cards close to her chest, not a very trusting person and she keeps people at a distance but she’s far from quiet. She’s an extrovert and sociable to an extent, but also straightforward and hates beating around the bush- which is ironic considering when it comes to talking about herself she’ll dodge questions in a not so subtle way.

The only way to play :wink:

Thank you! I tried to write an in depth story, it’s messy but I’m improving.

Yeah, I forgot to mention that I added in race descriptions in the latest version, but if you think they need more info I’ll be happy to add more.

None taken, I’m not sure why it would go to a blank screen and the only thing I can think of is some glitch by chrome.

I’ll definitely try using CSIDE, (I tried notepad++ and hated it) it’s quite annoying using all those line breaks. I was going to use CSIDE before but my computer said no, so I forgot about it. The web version does work for me, however.

Forgot to add something on the sibling subject, your siblings are characters in the story and play a part. Whether you’re related to them or not depends on the background.

Last thing, I wrote mini bios of all the ROs here v


Griffin is a very cool person, someone who is aloof and passive. He doesn’t fight against the current of things for the most part. He’s personable and enjoys being around other people, but at the same time he’ll often go off to do his own thing at a moment’s notice. He’s always on his feet and can’t stay in one place, he loves change and hates when things seem at a stand still.

Phoenix is quiet, she doesn’t talk much but isn’t a shy character. She’s a listener and a people watcher, preferring to keep to herself- or at least a small group- and be more on the sidelines. She’s blunt and will say nothing but the truth of what she thinks, whether it be hurtful or not. She can come off as cold, but beneath that she is acutely empathetic to others.

Cristos is an optimistic fellow, he tries to see the light in every situation no matter how dark. Being a cheery person, he always feels awkward and out of place when things get too grim. He is confident and outgoing, and it is a rare thing to ever see him get shy about anything. He’s unselfish and strives to do right by others, he’s one to hold off judgment on first impressions.

Eren is a natural born leader, an equal balance of both cautious and daring. A bit stoic, she often keeps her emotions guarded and is overly protective of her family and friends. Akin to a mother bear and her cubs. She’s the opposite of gullible and doesn’t take things at face value. She is strong-willed and stubborn, fighting tooth and nail to get what she wants and to achieve her goals.

Paz is an introvert, he’s bashful and doesn’t like to be in the center of attention. Only really opening up and being more talkative to close friends. However, as a bookworm, he can get excitable when talking about his favorite genres or things, especially science. He’s sweet and forgivable, preferring to let bygones be bygones rather than hold grudges. Believing that everyone is redeemable.

Calliope wears her heart on her sleeve, she’s passionate and a little arrogant. Although she doesn’t hold in her feelings, she is averse to conflict, or even confrontation for that matter. Always liking things to just be simple and smooth sailing. She’s sarcastic, and a bit snarky by nature. She believes puns are the best thing ever and she’ll purposely say bad ones just to hear a collective heavy sigh.

Abbott is somewhat of an old soul, he’s calm and collected most of the time. He’s patient and just a little bit of a mother hen. He often dotes upon and worries about those he cares about. He doesn’t worry much about the small things and would rather focus on the bigger picture. A peaceful person, he’d much rather talk things out in most situations, rather than divert to aggression or violence.

Aquila is a lone wolf, and very much a secretive individual. They don’t say much about what’s on their mind, and they usually keep their opinions to themself. Remaining a neutral party on a lot of things. They’re fiercely loyal and gutsy, a martyr in some ways. They’re reckless, always diving in head first without looking and is never apologetic about it.


Do you have bios of the guys, too? :blush: Also, is there any reason why Griffin and Atlas are listed as “guest stars” while the other seven are full “stars”? :confused:

EDIT: you answered before I posted. :sweat_smile:


They’re listed as “guest-stars” since they are only in some of the side quests and dungeons, but they are part of the entire main game. Also because they are the second latest introduced since they don’t come back until chapter 2/3. The next game they play bigger roles, especially Griffin. Then they get the guest part chopped off starring. :wink: (Everyone else on that guest starring list not so much…)

Speaking of that list, there are two characters there that can die as a result of the MCs choices later. (Not Atlas or Griffin)

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:broken_heart: I have to wait to see more Atlas? Awwww when Aquila said Atlas is weird I could totally see my character standing there stupid in love :grin:



sigh at least Eren seems ok.

All the descriptions boiled down to shifting ability and stats for me. I didn’t know how far I can shape shift as a shifter (Like prototype or just people, animals?). I would just have to assume the default format for most of them. Which is kind of hard for all of them given how much they’re used. And I have no idea how they affect my life or any other weakness/ability not stat wise.

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I couldn’t add too much to the mini bios without spoiling some things, but all of the characters have done some dark things in their lives. My whole idea with morality in Fables is that there is no typical good and evil, everything is in shades of gray, which is why the morality stat is the opposed pair of traditional and radical.

You won’t have to wait too long, she comes back chapter around the end of chapter 2 beginning of chapter 3.

Shifters can shift into larger versions of animals that are faster and stronger. (I’ll add that to their description.) And by how they affect your life, do you mean how they stand in society?


Yes and biological stuff too, like as a vampire can I still go into the sunlight? Do I pee blood? A lisp from a fang? Am I hairy as a werewolf… Plus maybe a brief history, stuff you’d get taught in school.

I oddly want to be a Neph just so I can wrap my wings around me like a blanket…

I’m guessing hybrids are forbidden?


Ooooh, okay I see what you mean. About the vampires, they can go in sunlight in their daylight forms. Their moon forms will catch fire under sunlight, literally. They don’t pee blond lol, the lisp thing is up to the reader and I should probably mention that vampire fangs are visible at all times. Werewolves in their human form can be hairless or hairy, something else I’m also going to leave up to the reader.

Nephilim MCs actually have special kind of wings, they’re not conventionally made of feathers. Which I also should add in the descriptions.

Hybrids aren’t forbidden and they aren’t impossible, but they are looked down upon in society. I’m not going to add in hybrid races since it’ll be difficult to code into the story.

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That sounds more interesting than blood…

Shifter it is, I’ll get a nice blanket that way.

Ah, no vampire shifter for me…

That sounds weird… shifter it is…

How come when I was a vampire my character wondered about the vampire’s fangs?

It is now at a closer range you can hear a bit of a lisp when they talk, probably at the fault of their vampire fangs. You find yourself briefly wondering if all vampires have that problem.

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We aren’t vampires yet…

Had to do another couple of playthroughs to find the boys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I couldn’t find Paz, though. :disappointed: Was he the boy with Atlas?)

“My mom likes my hair better long.” They would say.

You never really knew why their clothes never fit them, they didn’t have any siblings and all you knew was that they said their mom had picked them out.

Wait, isn’t Aquila at the orphanage, too? :confused:

(Assuming the kid is nine years old like you.)

You don’t really need this, since you’ve already got “another kid who looks to be your age” (and it seems a weird thing to think).

He’s Asian, or at least of some descent, it was highly unlikely that he was full-blooded since Asians of the human population in Harborage was as low as 0.02% of nearly four and a half million humans. (You only know this because your desk neighbor talked about it in geography once, you never got the reason why since the bell rang before they finished.) The percentage was much higher in other cities, such as Kaltolk, Vintage, and Bastion Prime.

It seems weird for a nine-year-old to be thinking this much about the local racial demographics… :confused:

“You in what army?”

Should be “You and what army?” (I think. I guess it could be “in”, but it seems unlikely.)

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