Fables: Part I V.0.06 [42k Words, 8/4/17] *Abandoned*

With so much going on, Fables will not be continued as a project for COG. Thank you for the support when it was active.


first to the party! men just reading all of it, its…its truly well planned and I have hope for this to be greate game.


I found this error (Its’ leaves are small and flower%-petal like) and (You have black shldrlngth hair) and (its’ mouth gaping wide open%- ) and (you look for a place to sit%- or more specifically a clique to sit by)

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What’s new game plus going to be like?

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First off, great concept, love the originality. Have you read the fables comic? It’s very different to this but same name so I figure maybe.

Also I’m not sure if I’m just GoT obsessed or was there a lil Syrio Forel reference there? :smile:


Ohohohohoho, a new contender for favorite game approaches! I absolutely LOVED the little snippet we’ve gotten! Great narration, and style, and just generally everything. Unfortunately the images don’t seem to work for me.

I also got a few errors, one going though the glossary (didn’t catch the name of the error) and one in the prologue, after creating my character.

(prologue line 627: bad label prologclassroom)

Then I got this one:

prologue line 2711: nothing should appear on a line after ‘else’: bckgrnd_orph_street true

To answer your questions:

  1. Definitely define appearances, in my opinion. I think it’s kind of necessary to help instill a good diversity in the cast, and it can strengthen a character when done correctly.

  2. Character creator is okay, but I would have it so it gives a short description of the race you pick before you commit to it. Some people might not know what they’re picking.

  3. I think the MC background can be defined more, but as the story progresses so it’s not a huge info dump.

  4. There a a few sections that seem a bit wordy, but I’d have to reread to tell you. The scene just when you choose your gender comes to mind. It’s just a big paragraph of over the top detail. Honestly, I don’t mind it, I love to read pretty language, but some people prefer more game-like stories and might skim through large paragraphs that are needless. There are some other times, after the character creation, where the paragraphs are kinda big, but it’s not a huge deal.

I hope you don’t mind, but I peeked at your code (wanted to read alternate things) and noticed you’re using a bunch of *line_breaks when you don’t have to. Any reason why?

Overall it’s pretty interesting and exciting, plus you’ve got a great concept I can’t wait to see explored. Good stuff.


Opens game> Game options> Subtitles> Off

Best game 10/10. Best game.

Love the options menu. Won’t let me change the difficulty though. That one’s bugged.


I hate it when the narrator judges you, so this is ok :blush:

So no magic farts either? I hear that’s a dovahkiin power…

Just by this description they’re my favorite.

[quote=“Chancen, post:1, topic:28852”]
and one that switches based on the MC’s orientation.
[/quote]Canonically or do we just go with they’ve always been that way?

[quote=“Chancen, post:1, topic:28852”]
Q: Can my wolfion die?
A: Nope!

[quote=“Chancen, post:1, topic:28852”]
Q: What kind of magic can I do?
A: Magic is something that has become common in this world, just about 50% of the population has some kind of magic they can do. Whether it’s powerful magic or not is a different story. For the MC, however, they are only able to do basic level kind of magic, they are neither powerful nor weak, they are just very average. But hey, it’s not the strength of the spell you use, it’s how you use it. ;D
[/quote]Ahh, I was hoping RNGesus would decide my magic strength…


I found this error while i was getting my wings (prologue line 2512: It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.)


This both sounds amazing but also daunting. I will most certainly look forward to updates on this ^^

I think race descriptions would be a good thing.


"This mouth opens to release a dense purple fog to help cover my flee, arrows and shots of magic zipping by in an attempt to strike this body."
cover my flight? cover me fleeing?

All of the images don’t load (for me). And when I read the encyclopedia, it won’t let me return to the game.


Im going to be honest. I have read my fair share of interactive novels and normal books, but this seems like way to much. I mean realistically it may not be about being able to finish it but it may take a few years unless you devote your life to this one thing or make it bad like a few Interactive novels i have had the displeasure of reading. My only questions are simple. How do you plan on finishing this? And is it you working on it alone? I only ask because more than 2 or 4 ro’s is generally hard or well just horrible for the story. And with the amount of options alone one could give you a completely deferent playthrough than the other. Not saying i want this to fail but i am saying i doubt that this could be done in a way that it ended up being a good read. If i was rude i apologize but im not one to sugar coat how i feel.


Very ambitious start. Seems promising, though I am curious if it’d be possible to side with the current government and try to clear your name in a more public fashion. Regardless, the companions all sound fun and I do like the overall world you’re setting up.

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I love your enthusiasm for this lovely concept; however, this seems nearly exactly the same premise as the series by the same name. Perhaps it would be better to leave your admiration for others’ work as inspirations rather than direct reflections? Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and it’s perfectly fine to enjoy and even take notes from really great works. However, really showing appreciation for artists’ hard work is supporting them by giving them proper credit. Best of luck with your game.


First of all, thank you all for the feedback, I honestly appreciate it! I went through and fixed the bugs and the images issue I’ll try to figure out… please let me know if you find any more. The encyclopedia isn’t finished yet, so there will be some space fillers there, but some sections are done.

New game plus is when you finish the game, you unlock a new difficulty and get extra stuff. I also hate it when the narrator judges you so I decided in my game, judgment shall not be passed by the narrator haha. Aquila’s gender flips canonically.

Thank you! I haven’t read the Fables comic but I have played The Wolf Among Us, it totally slipped my mind about the title and I used Fables because I was actually going add in some quotes from Aesop’s Fables at the beginning of chapters. I love GoT, but I have no idea who Syrio Forel is. :joy:

Thank you very much! as for your feedback…

  1. I will definitely try to go into more detail when describing characters, appearances are not my strong point but I am more than willing to try my hand at it.
  2. No joke, I actually was meaning to add a description but forgot and didn’t remember until you mentioned it right now, but I have added a short description to each of them, as well as their race stats.
  3. I have ideas for how backgrounds will be fleshed out more later in the story, but I will shorten it for now.
  4. Yeah, I tend to go over the top sometimes especially with scenery, I will try to cut down on those paragraphs and future paragraphs.
    I don’t mind at all if you or anyone for that matter look at the code, and I think that might be the text editor I’m using because if I don’t use them all of the bits and pieces of words come together in one big chunk. I’m using sublime text btw

Also, I’'ve fixed the difficulty setting so it should be working now.

That part is awkward to read, I’ll be sure to change it. I’m going to be looking into the image issue, and what do you mean you couldn’t return to the game?

I appreciate your honesty, truly. I am not daunted by the fact that this may take me a few years, I knew well enough that was a real possibility when I started this, but this project means a lot to me for many different reasons and I can tell you now that I am someone who does what they say. It may not be tomorrow or next year, but I always finish what I start. I am working alone on this. I can’t say anything solid that might placate your worries about the ro’s, only that I have kept working and rewriting this demo for about three months now until I felt ready to show it to the community, and I hope that shows my dedication to this project. Btw, you weren’t rude at all ^-^

Ah, unfortunately siding with the current government isn’t a possibility because of story reasons, which I can’t say without spoiling… everything.

I never read the Fables comic, but when I read about it on Wikipedia, I can see what you mean. I think my description of the game is off, as the idea I have in my head is much different than that of the comic. My idea of using the name Fables came from Aesop’s Fables, and my inspiration came from using the small life lessons there into my story. I will, however, edit the description I put in the first post so that this doesn’t get confused.


Well if you ever need assistance in anything regarding it i myself write (nothing pubished nore close to finished) and coud help if you need it. I will admit though i know nothing about coding.

prologue line 2767: Invalid expression at char 21, expected OPERATOR, was: VAR [true]

I found this.

_You are very much above average height at 6’0. _

I have run into this in a few other WIP’s as well, and it’s rather grating for me, as where I live 6 feet IS the average male height. :pensive:
Can I suggest writing some kind of flavor text, instead of specifying a number?